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    Does anyone have any info on this unit? morale?

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    Info as in? You're probably not getting a response (to the same question on the other thread) because you ask very broad questions. Morale is almost completely based on how you approach the job. Do you complain when you're getting paid, getting lots of leave (compared to private sector jobs), have cheap insurance (compared to private sector jobs), and good retirement (compared to private sector jobs)? If so, then your morale is going to be low. But you will also get stuck with staff who complain a lot. I used to hang out on the upper tier or walk around the unit for two hours when I had an overlapping schedule with one such CO at the USP.


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      Do a google search or call the facility and speak with Human Resources. It's a medical facility. https://www.bop.gov/locations/institutions/ftw/

      For Texas, the money is probably decent, as well as benefits. This location may be more difficult to be hired on at since, for those reasons, it's desirable. If you just want to get on, take a look at locations in California. Several offer recruitment incentives which will essentially pay for your move to the area.


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        I already read about it on the main site. Wanted to know if they work 8 or 10hour shifts? any OT? know anyone that has worked there?


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          You won't get much info on this site. Try the prison officer forum. It's more specific to state and federal corrections. But, as Nieto mentioned, you should be calling the facility for these details and to get an idea if they're even hiring.

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        I've been there a few times, haven't noticed any low morale. Schedules seem to change a lot, but I don't know specifics.


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