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Advice- Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security


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  • Advice- Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security

    Hello everyone, I have a few questions that I was hoping I could get answers for:
    1. Which federal law enforcement agencies(if any) will hire me with a bachelors of science in homeland security? (No specialized work experience whatsoever/no military experience).

    2. Are there any entry level jobs that would be worthwhile to pursue while I earn my degree? (jobs who’s experience would help me to eventually get a federal le job) (its probably worth noting I am 19 years old)

    3. Are there any internships/programs/volunteer work that I could do that would benefit me and my resume?

    (Sorry if this post is in the wrong spot/format, I’ve never posted here before.)

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    A degree in a "related field" or relevant training/experience is usually a minimum requirement for most of the upper echelon federal law enforcement agencies (FBI, DEA, USMS, ATF, HSI, etc.). Your degree with a well articulated resume (some type of work experience--even if it's just an internship), will give you a good shot at getting invited for testing. It'll be on you to sell yourself from that point on.

    Some of the most standard entry level federal LE agencies don't require the bachelors if you have qualifying work experience. These positions include CBP Officer, Border Patrol Agent, Secret Service Uniformed Division, U.S. Capital Police, Bureau of Prisons, U.S. Park Police, etc. You'll need to do a little research into these agencies and get a better understanding of what it is exactly you have for your career aspirations.

    Take a look at usajobs.gov. They post internship opportunities (most paid) that will give you experience with some of the aforementioned agencies that can later translate into a full time position. Good luck.


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      If I was you - I would switch my major to a degree that you can cross use. What I mean by that is a degree such as a degree in finance - like accounting or a degree in cyber security or computer science. A degree that you can live on and use until you get picked up by an agency or if LE doesn’t work out - a degree that can be used separately.

      Having degree in Criminal Justice or Homeland Security related field is a bit limiting. If law enforcement doesn’t pan out for you - you can right away start a different career . In reality as poster above said you can start in CBP or BP and some other agencies with no degree at all. HSI , FBI , ATF , DEA , USPIS- like applicants with different degrees besides Criminal Justice. Many aspects of the job dealing with criminal justice will be taught in academy - but they won’t teach you finance or cyber security there.

      This is my personal opinion - because if I knew better - I would get a degree in something else but still pursue LE. At the end of the day you can’t really do much with CJ or HS degree besides applying to LE jobs. But with a degree in a different field you can apply to LE plus it can hold on its own in a different career.

      Also take as many civil service exams as you can qualify for. Search for State Police , Municipal police exams research neighboring states. Start applying on USA jobs for internships with Law Enforcement agencies for the experience. Also if you are in NYC you can apply for NYPD cadets - if you have 60 credits.

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        Get a degree in something you enjoy/excel at. Federal wise the GPA is what will set you apart from others, and you'll get higher pay. Finance/accounting aren't bad alternatives, but I wouldn't recommend them as a fall back. I say this because that particular career realm is requiring you to have more than just a bachelor's to even get an entry position. Having held some form of a cleared position requiring a background investigation helps, because you are a known quantity at that point when applying for other positions.


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