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  • FBI Operational Support Technician Career Progression

    Hi everyone, I'm currently a sophomore in college pursuing my bachelor's degree in construction science and management. Upon graduation(May 2021) I would like to pursue a career in federal LE. My ultimate goal is to obtain an 1811 position. I've been looking at different ways to start my career in FLE after college and USCP and USSS UD both seem like they could be great careers or stepping stones. However, I wonder what chance I would have at obtaining an 1811 position with experience with one of those agencies plus my bachelors (with SAA). Recently I have been looking into the FBI's collegiate hiring initiative and the entry-level careers that they offer. The one that seems the most appealing to me is OST. If I started with the FBI in an entry-level position, I would hope to eventually transfer to SA. I wonder whether this would be a feasible move for me after a few years along with my bachelors. Are these entry-level positions a good way to make it to special agent, or is it more likely to stay in one of these positions for a long time? If a transfer to SA was not feasible within the bureau would this work experience plus my bachelors be enough to be competitive for other agencies as an 1811? I would love to hear from those with insight or those who are in a similar position.

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    You’d have to clarify with fbi HR but as far as I know the collegiate hiring initiative stuff doesn’t have direct carryover to SA. In other words you’d need to put in and compete in the process like anybody else. The fbi does have an honors internship program which in my opinion is more valuable because it gets you a TS, it’s useful to other agencies as experience, and if you’re set on the bureau it allows you to waive some number of years for their work experience requirement.

    My advice if you want to be an 1811 is to focus on what route you want to go. Military, post bachelors degree, or work in LE in some capacity (doesn’t need to be as an actual LEO).

    In my opinion as a current 1811 and based on what I see in CITP at FLETC most of the people I’ve met who were in CITP have either a graduate degree, worked for their agency in another capacity, were state/local LE, or have military experience. There are not a whole lot of former USSS UD or other federal uniformed police agencies. I’m not saying it’s a bad route, I’m just saying there are better ones. Some here may disagree with me but that’s just my experience. There’s no perfect answer and anyone will tell you getting an 1811 is a matter of luck and waiting anyway.
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      Thanks for the info waffledog47 that gives me a lot to think about. I'm going to continue to look into different potential routes, and also look into the honors internship.
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