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Code Enforcement As A Post Retirement Job


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  • Code Enforcement As A Post Retirement Job

    I have retired from traditional police work, but my wife is 10 years younger than me and I am thinking of going back to work full time. A city near me has an opening for code enforcement. I am just wondering if anybody here has done that and what there experiences were, good or bad?

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    Sounds like a lot BS to deal with in retirement. Try your local
    federal court house. They usually hire retired cops to be contract security under the marshals.


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      Code enforcement could be a real adjustment. I was getting an oil change the other day and the owner of the business was telling me how anytime he puts a sign in front advertising a special, the code guy will come measure the distance to the curb. I get that ordinances exist for a reason but much of it seems petty to me, like the length of yard grass. I guess I generally believe a man's property is his property to do with as he pleases....

      Guys I Know Who Retired Who Kept Working fell into the following groups:

      Group A: Court security, hospital security. Those are probably better jobs than mall security or warehouse security but I suspect they are mostly bored.

      Group B: CJ instructor, community college or high school consortium. I don't know of anyone who got a sweet university gig but I know guys who got $20 hour jobs teaching at 'Aw Shucks' schools like Lemon Pie County Community College or Truman High Career Preparedness Academy.

      Group C: Big box retail or gun shop. Now this group isn't really working because they need the money; more because they need something to do, or to enjoy the employee discount at Costco. One guy I know, a gun nut who works at a gun shop, would probably pay to work there.

      Group D: Senior level corporate work. This is the smallest group, and required the right mix of skillsets, networking, and timing.
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        I'm not a fan of code enforcers


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          Code Enforcement, well done, can get results for removing drug houses, bum camps, chop shops, problems of all kinds. We work hand in and with them because they can go where we can’t...
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