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    Can only speak for ATF. They give you a list and you rank your top ten cities while utilizing at least 4 different geographical regions. They try to give you one of the top ten. Then you have to spend 5 years there (there are exceptions to the rule). Most pol in my class got their #1. But it all depends.......


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      You most likely will have to move. I would start applying to different agencies as soon as you can even if you’re not sure you want to move. The hiring processes are usually very long so by the time you get to the point of being hired you may have changed your mind (and want to move).


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        Whether it's 1811, 1810, 1801, 0082, 0083, 1895 or 1896, your location, career, training, pay, etc. all depends on the "needs of the service." You can make it work for you and your family up to a point, but moving for your first location is a strong and very real possibility. To echo others on this thread, some get lucky and get to stay in their home town, but if you live in places like Farmville, VA, consider yourself lucky if can land a Richmond VA office an hour away.

        If you're married, talk to the spouse. If you have kids, take them into consideration and make the decision. If the decision was the best for you and yours, then it was the right decision.

        If you are single with nothing to tie you down and it's the career you want, then go for it! Don't be the guy/gal who misses out on life because he/she is paralyzed by the fear of leaving their comfort zone. Too many times have I witnessed young people stifle their development by crawling back into their shell when the opportunity to grow presents itself.


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          I was lucky enough to get into a covered agency at a location I wanted. It's not an 1811 position but it stops my clock and puts me in DC. I still had my mind on working as 1811 one day but I cannot think of any 1811 position that would keep you in DC permanently when you get hired. All the big alphabet soup agencies all require a mobility agreement. OIG's are almost impossible to get into. I had a long conversation with an OIG SAC here in DC about getting into OIG's and learned quite a lot from that conversation. People with FLETC-CITP are a dime a dozen courtesy of the Secret Service. To get into an OIG right off the bat you really must know someone on the inside or have some unique investigative experience or a niche skill that is highly desirable.


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            These days, few 1811 position move you around like they used to do. I think the only ones that still require a move is USSS and NCIS. FBI, ATF and USPIS will pretty much keep you in DC unless you want to promote or move voluntarily.

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            Funny you mention that as I've noticed a couple 1811 gs9 spots requiring CITP. Makes sense then.

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          Originally posted by Ratatatat View Post
          Some people get a college internship at age 21 and are 1811s by age 22. Others claw and scratch for years as GS 7s and 9s in an "aw shucks" job with an "aw shucks" agency before getting a coveted 1811 job at age 36.

          Some people start their careers in some backwater location no one in their right mind would ever choose and are stuck there for years, unable to move. Others move frequently during their careers, trying to get closer to their place of choice. Others get the sweet duty station they wanted right off the bat and never move in their entire careers.

          Some people plan out their careers to a T and everything magically falls into place at the right time with nary a bump. Others see doors open and close, lucky breaks and unlucky turns, and end up in positions they never ever predicted.

          The cookie crumbles differently for everyone. Just like in life.
          This is 100% accurate. For ATF, we tell you where you're going when you get your phone call for the offer. I think that's very fair and is the right way to do it.


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            I started with BOP in my hometown, I did about 8 months before getting an LE job in another area. I was young and didn't mind moving. Moved around a few different locations and ended up in DC.
            I'd suggest DC is the to start. Go with Secret Circus, Capitol Police, or Park Police, and move on from there. There are so many agencies in the DC area and they are hiring all of the time. US Park Police has an announcement on usajobs right now.....


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