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    I've heard mixed reviews about the USSS Criminal Investigator position, but I recently threw my name in the hat. I'm currently working for another DHS agency, another one with low morale (CBP). Each day is hit or miss for me. Some days I enjoy it, but most days I dread it. I work along the southwest border and as of late, we've received so much negativity from our elected officials and some from the general public over the whole wall debate. I just can't see myself doing this job for the rest of my career and continuing to work the line. Short staffing is a huge concern and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. (I've worked 4 different locations on the SWB and it's all the same)

    While I understand everyone has their own opinions about the job and I have my own opinions even about my current agency, but is the USSS 1811 gig really that bad? I know that guarding a hallway etc can/could be boring but what other aspects stop people from wanting to go to or stay with the Secret Service? I'd like to know the huge determining factors why people dislike this position. I know management has always been up there, but that's going to be any agency, as CBPs isn't any better.

    I'm just looking for something different instead of saying Que Trae/What are you bringing all day. There's got to be at least some pros in the mix of the cons.


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      All I know is that it can't be any worse than being a BPA or CBPO. These guys complaining don't know what real misery is. It's like the Air Force complaining about bad living standards when you're in the Army/Marines. You laugh at their complaints.

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    The issues are one in the same for CBP. Manpower has been an issue with the USSS for decades. Every job has it's ups and downs.

    The known factors for the USSS. Travel: Campaign Years you have campaign rotation 3 weeks out traveling from City to city. You return home, then you do 3 weeks of regular "post standing"/Advance travel. You may be utilized 5 days, or all 21 days, it depends on manpower demands. (Try and make plans with never knowing if you will be called to fly away). After your regular rotation, your campaign rotation comes up, back to back. 200+ days of traveling per campaign year.( Which now stretches to 18 months).

    Every protectee goes somewhere for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Expect to work. UNGA in September/October, you will work it on top of your regular travel rotation. There are many yearly blackout periods (No AL authorized).

    Then there is the issue of 8 years in DC. I won't even go into that can of worms. After 15-18 years of USSS service, you MAY apply to go to a place you want. Even then, if you get to where you want to go, you have regular rotation and Campaign commitments until you retire.

    That's just Travel. Management, equipment, policy are all issues.

    upsides: Pay/OT, good technical training if you are into computer forensics, wireless intercepts, upgrades in security clearance.
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      Thanks for putting things into a better perspective instead of just ranting. This kind of clears things up about the constant travel and moving around.

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      The service has some big negatives, and some great positives. If it had the manpower to not break the backs of Agents/Officers it would be a great agency.
      I've heard of a few Agents over the years come home from a trip to find an empty house, as their Wives/GF packed up and left.

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    Has anyone progressed?


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      A word of advice:

      Provide every bit of information on your e-QIP. I mean even the one you think you can explain if the investigator needs to know more about it. I mean just put everything in detail. The reason I am saying this is because with some law enforcement agencies, the investigator will contact you if something needs further clearance or explanation for possible mitigation purposes. But the investigators with USSS will not bother wasting their time on that if you have already not put your detailed explanation on the eQIP already. Or they may just automatically assume you as not the best fit for their agency if they believe that something is derogatory and mitigation circumstances does not exist.

      I hope you understand. And good luck to everyone!


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        Taking the SAEE this Saturday. Any studying advice will help. Still having trouble with the photo memory portion.


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          Originally posted by DocHolidayFan View Post
          Taking the SAEE this Saturday. Any studying advice will help. Still having trouble with the photo memory portion.
          Just get comfortable with the material on the practice exam. That's all you can do. For the memorization stuff, you need to get a feel for what they're asking about by studying the practice exam. That way, you can focus on items you predict they'll ask about on the exam itself.


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            Failed the SAEE. I'm out, but I'll more than likely try again.


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