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International Border Patrol Officers in Iraq with DynCorp International


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  • International Border Patrol Officers in Iraq with DynCorp International

    Iraq Border Security Advisors - UPDATE

    DynCorp International is now hiring border security

    Border Advisor pay is $134,114.49 PLUS a $25,000 SIGN ON BONUS for attendees processed through the May 5th Border Enforcement Advisor Class and deployed to Iraq. The Bonus will be paid in full after arrival in-country.



    An actively serving or recently separated state certified law enforcement professional with at least five years in a position of sworn law enforcement in a full service law enforcement agency with the rank of Sgt; AND who have at least 2 years with principal responsibilities serving as or assisting a federal, state or U.N. official directly responsible for immigration, customs, or border security.


    A minimum of four (4) years with the US Border Patrol, Customs, or Immigration in an armed position with full enforcement authority (investigative & arrest powers


    Extensive knowledge/experience in any 4 of the following:

    a. Immigration laws, regs and operating procedures;

    b. Customs laws, regs and operating procedures;

    c. Border Security laws, regs and operating procedures;

    d. Examination and identification of fraudulent documents;

    e. Contemporary smuggling techniques & trends;

    f. Firearms;

    g. Unarmed self-defense techniques;

    h. Customs, immigration or borders security training curriculum development;

    i. Operational

    If you or anyone you know are interested and qualified in this

    position, please reply to this email or apply at

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    this job is kinda like Russian Roulette
    ICE 1811
    Test: 7/09
    TO: 5/24
    T&S: 6/17
    EOD: 8/16


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      Decent money...


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        Well as it is not for eveyone, there are those that are willing to do it. I did a mission in Iraq with Dyn as a bomb dog handler and loved it. Is it dangerous, ABSOLUTLEY!!! But I also spent 12 years as a Police Officer in Texas and understand what the dangers were and could be. I looked into the mission and asked as many questions that I could think of, before I decided to do it. Take at look at there website at that will give you a little insight. Good Luck


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          I must say its a pretty damn bad idea to put LE's on the Iraqi border with no military exp.. A combat zone is completely different than patrolling your local neighborhood, for some reason all Dyncorp wants is LE officers speaking from experience its a bad idea beware when applying to this position. Military support is not always available.


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            The money does sound good but believe me when I say not to trust Dyncorp in what they say or the support they say you will have. The recruiters get paid for a body that signs on the line and a body is all you are...


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              Originally posted by zxcvbnm View Post
              Decent money...
              Not really, when you consider what those with the experience they want are making right here at home.


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                "Not really, when you consider what those with the experience they want are making right here at home"

                Well I'm surprised at this comment....

                I have 25 years of relevant Law Enforcement experience (including Police, Customs, Immigration, etc) This includes a year with the Police Transition Team in IRAQ as an International Police Advisor.

                An ideal candidate, one would think? My experience ticks all their boxes.

                However, I only make $ 30,200 a year + another 13% shift allowance for all my experience.

                So I would love to know which jobs pay anywhere near $ 134 K per year in the United States, and I will apply to that agency within the next 5 minutes!


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                  There are many Federal Law Enforcement jobs where you can easily make that much. I just finished my first year with my Agency and I'll clear 100K easily with all the pay. It's really not that hard within 5 years to make that money in Federal LE. My last Agency people were make over 134K a year with overtime. I think with all that training and experience you say you have you are well under paid.


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                    Most of the guys that I have known to go on those missions are the ones that work for either small/medium sized agencies that average 28K-60K a year....and retired folks....

                    Double your salary or make some cash so you don't have to tap into your retirement funds just yet makes for a good reason to take a hard look at it.....


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                      Hi there Manstown. Sounds like a great job you've got!

                      Which Agency do you work for?
                      Do they have offices in N.E. Florida?
                      Do they take people over 37 years old?
                      What is their Educational requirement(s)?
                      Are they currently recruiting for vacancies?

                      Let me know... I'd love to find out more about this job.


                      "Broke in Jacksonville"


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