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Border Patrol or Baltimore City PD


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    If you live in MD, I'd look into another agency... BP is good, you just have to be willing to move South... I was not
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      To the OP,

      Im not Baltimore PD nor Border Patrol, but since you are asking people for their $.02 here is mine.
      If I was in your shoes, I'd take the Border Patrol. But why are you so set on Baltimore PD though, are you from there? Can you work at one of the surrounding agencies?

      As an applicant I was in the process for Seattle PD while they were in the beginning of consent decree time. I had actual SPD officers after ride alongs telling me to run away from SPD during the consent decree time, things were going to get worse before they got better (they were right). Also, SPD has had a pretty decent exodus of officers leaving for the surrounding agencies. Now I will tell you that I was really butt hurt when SPD passed on me, especially the circumstances (PM for more details if you like, the circumstances were specific to me and not a general thing for them). But when I tell you that was THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO ME. I mean it. I ended up getting hired at several departments was was rather lucky to get a gig back home in IL. But I will tell you my name was in the hat for for BOP, BP, and CBPO. I'd have taken any of those in a heartbeat because I know that the name of the game is getting a job. Now I am in the Chicagoland area and let me tell you, I am far enough from the city that I dont really have to worry about those politics out my way. We got our own politics. But I have about 5 or 6 friends who are CPD and none of them are happy right now with the state of things, and THATS WITH THE PRESIDENT SAYING TO HELL WITH THE CONSENT DECREE.......Moral of my story, consent decree would mean to me, NOT FOR ME, OPTIONS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!.


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        Border Patrol all day. It allows you to move around the country to pursue other jobs (or positions within the agency) and keep your retirement. If you don't live in MD now, and you move there and after 3 or 8 years realize you dont like the department, youre forced to stay in MD to keep your retirement (I'm assuming it is a state retirement system).

        Pay, job opportunities after BP. I started my fed career in BP, loved every single day of it, truly did. I miss it daily. But it opened awesome doors for me which I stepped through.
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