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    Interesting posts here, I'll add my .02.

    First of all, where and under what reason did you list this on your background forms? If someone sells car parts on e-bay, and applies to a PD, how is that going to addressed unless the subject lists it for some reason. (unless primary source of income and even then most would write self-employed author)

    Secondly, PD's usually dont look at your bank accounts due to the privacy act. If you have financial delinquencies, they might ask you about them and when you sign a FCRA you authorize access to your credit report not bank accounts. Bank accts would require a specific release.

    The only way it might be volunteered is if you have financial delinquencies and a BI interviews you to see if you live above your means, then it would come out as "other income" in your total net income.

    people can write books on anything. I see how some might think it puts you on the wrong side of the law if you are seeking LE. Then again, many cops apply to pd's and have excessive tickets, dui's, minor misdemeanors, etc.

    I personally wouldnt worry about it unless you volunteered it as a source of income. But even then, dont people put "author" and not go in to detail of their writings.

    Since you used another name, it cant come back to you. if you have no derogatory info in your background (crimes, credit issues, civil court judgments, loss of license, etc) You should be ok.

    Interesting post neverthe less...


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      Originally posted by JustinTyme
      Oh, thanks!

      Judging from your response, it looks like you would just throw my app in the garbage. I certainly hope other BI's would at least still consider me.

      No, I would not throw your application straight into the garbage. I would look at everything about you before making that decision. However, the book is not a good thing, in my opinion.

      When checking out an applicant, you have to look at the total person. Everything from their financial condition, things they have done in the past, current employment, etc. is considered before they are given the "OK."

      The book would not be the only factor in considering your eligibility. But, does the book and your other behavior indicate a pattern that a department would find undesirable?

      For me, the first, last, and more important question I always ask myself about every applicant is this: "Would I trust my life to this person?"

      Ultimately, every police officer I work with has my life in their hands, just as I have their life in mine.



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        Website DQ?

        Justin, After all the advice you've recieved, solicited I might add, you still seem to miss the point. Your book, and your stated intent to become a Officer, are in distinct conflict with each other. Understand that you have a perfect right to your opinions. Your right to offer the advice you do, is somewhat questionable as it could constitute the practice of law without the required license, admission to the Bar, etc. You could cease selling, editing, or promoting the book immediately, and it's still going to emerge as an issue in any background investigation. Stated quite simply, it probably isn't going to do you any good either.


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          Originally posted by JustinTyme

          i'm a firm believer that speeding tickets should be written to uphold the law and save lives, not to increase revenue. I don't believe it is wrong for someone to defend themselves against a bogus (under 15mph - highway) speeding ticket. but that's just my opinion.

          How is under 15mph highway a bogus ticket? That just goes to show your inexperience in Law Enforcement. Do you understand and realize all of the factors that play into a written citation? ie; weather conditions, volume of traffic, time of violation, lighting, condition of vehicle, roadway conditions, demeanor of violator, traffic history of violator... and more. To say that a ticket is bogus just because it is under 15 is not a fair statement to law enforcement officials who do issue citations under 15 mph. In my jurisdiction we have highway that is quite dangerous at times for people to be traveling in excess of the posted limit of 55mph. We have many side streets that flow into the highway - some with only stop signs. It can be decieving for drivers to judge distances appropriately on long stretches of highway when entering traffic, especially for our younger driving population. It becomes a substantial risk when drivers are proceeding down this highway at even 65 mph. Now, personally, I do not generally cite for violations under 15 mph on this road, but I certainly would never say they are bogus, in fact they are completely justifiable - you should be careful of making the same mistake in the future, because its post like that which could cause you more trobule than your selling of a book. Understand that officers are utilizing disgression when citing violators no matter what the offense may be. Most officers are not citing to increase department revenue and to issue a "bogus" citation. They are doing it to remind drivers to be careful of their speed in the future, and remind them that officers are out there watching for poor driving behavior; at least good cops anyways.

          Hope this helps you - i'd be interested in seeing your book myself...


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            Originally posted by JustinTyme
            thanks so far for the replies. you guys do make alot of sense.

            i would like to clear up a few things first. my intentions when writing this book was not to break any laws. i understand that one may not give out legal advice without a license. my book is legal information not legal advice.... and there is a difference.

            i also make it clear on my website that only those with speeding tickets of less than 15mph (highway) over the speed limit will benefit from the contents of the book. absolutely NO excessive speeding, school zones, reckless driving, DUI, or driving while suspended tickets.

            plus, i also mention that the strategies in my book would only work in states that label speeding tickets as a criminal offense, hence the burden of proof would be "beyond a reasonable doubt". civil offense states need not purchase my book and i also list those states on my site. it's impossible to fight a ticket in these states.

            i'm a firm believer that speeding tickets should be written to uphold the law and save lives, not to increase revenue. I don't believe it is wrong for someone to defend themselves against a bogus (under 15mph - highway) speeding ticket. but that's just my opinion.

            although i am not a lawyer, i did do extensive research on the subject which would qualify me as an "expert" so to speak.

            i always knew that i would have to stop selling the book if I ever became a cop, but judging by the responses so far, i think my best bet would be to just discontinue selling the book NOW, or at the very least sell the rights to someone else. i'm seriously considering that at this point.

            i want nothing more than to become a police officer. i should have thought of that before i wrote the book i guess

            that was a funny comment duo

            oh, and i never thought about what you said either cblackthorne. the part about me wanting to sneak in to research my next book. that was clever.

            if there is an actual BI out there i would appreciate a response
            just so i'm clear with this:

            your book is for individuals with only SPEEDING tickets;
            speeding UNDER 15mph of the posted limit;
            speeding under 15mph on a HIGHWAY;
            only in states where the act is CRIMINAL;
            you dont offer legal ADVICE, but STRATEGIES;
            book can only be obtained by DOWNLOADING IT;
            AND your a "firm believer in writting tickets to uphold the law".
            ....kinda narrows down your target demographic to like, 8 or 10 people?

            i've written hundreds of speeding tickets with RADAR and LIDAR. i've been to court on just one in 6 years...

            what's this website...i wanna download a copy...i just ran out of toilet paper and i gotta take a big steamy!...your book sounds worthless to me.


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