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  • Corporate Investigator Positions

    Does anyone here have any thoughts or experience on corporate investigator jobs? They look essentially like an OIG type role, only for private corporations. I am considering looking into these types of roles if an 1811 position doesn’t work out so I was wondering what others here thought.

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    I always thought a lot of those positions go to retired 1811s and cops.


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      Well. It depends on who you know to help get you an interview. These places usually don’t hire folks off the street. It also depends on which company you are talking about?

      The big national chain retail stores sometimes promote their own loss prevention folks.

      The big big tech companies mostly hire retired cops (local/federal).

      The railroads (which are private companies) usually hire from their own police forces.

      Of course, if you specialize is something like computer security, your reputation may be all you need.

      But, apply and find out!
      semper destravit


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        It's a sweet gig for sure! I currently work as a Corporate Investigator for a large (35k employees) nationwide company. You are correct in the fact that it's similar to an OIG 1811. I investigate employee theft, misuse/abuse of company credit cards, unreported accidents, illegal hiring and whatever other thing my boss throws at me. There are only two (2) of us so we stay busy. I have traveled across the nation to conduct surveillance, follow employees around and have discovered many funky things. I have also partnered with Federal LE Agencies and assisted them in the apprehension of several employees. All around its been a great opportunity, but after seven (7) years of LE work in Texas I can honestly tell you there is no better feeling than being BLUE. I'm hopeful a Fed LE Agency hires me.... In the meantime, this Corporate Investigator gig is a sweet thing!


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