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  • Vero Beach PD

    Any one have any info on this department. I am interested in this department and can not seem to get anyone on the phone there. I am looking to see if they sponcer and other bennys that come with the job. If any one works or lives in the area and has info could you please IM me.


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    all the information is on their website...

    Non State certified Police Officers

    $ 29,016.00
    State certified Police Officers

    $ 35.360.00 Base

    The Vero Beach Police Department will pay academy costs and non-certified salary while attending the academy if you are hired prior to starting the academy. If you are hired while attending a full-time academy, the Vero Beach Police Department will pay non-certified salary during the academy. The Vero Beach Police Department will also pay for the Florida State Law Enforcement Exam. Upon passing the Florida State Law Enforcement Exam you will receive certified pay.

    In addition to the salaries listed, the officer may be entitled to additional incentive monies for continued education and Advanced Training Courses.

    Police Officers who have received a College Degree will receive the following:

    Associate Degree $ 30.00 per month

    Bachelor Degree $ 80.00 per month

    Health Insurance

    Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Plan. Employees health plan is fully paid by the City.


    1-5 years -------------- 80 hours

    6-10 years -------------120 hours

    11 years and up-----128 - 200 hours


    11 paid Holidays a year.

    Work Schedule

    Officers assigned to the patrol division work a 12-hour shift. Our current shift format allows an officer to have off a three day weekend every other week.


    Applicants are required to reside within a 40 mile radius of the city of Vero Beach.

    Education Incentive Program

    The City will pay for up to 2 college classes per semester, as charged by state university, and will pay for 50% of the textbooks per semester.

    Career Development Incentives.

    Retirement Plan

    3% bi weekly employee contribution.

    Vested after 10 years continuous service.

    25 years and out drop plan, plus full medical at retirement for employee only.

    Assigned Vehicle program

    Take home vehicles are assigned to officers who qualify.


    All equipment, including uniforms, footwear, leather gear, ballistic vest, and firearms are issued by the Department. The City also pays for uniforms to be professionally dry cleaned.

    Contact Lt. Kevin Martin at 772-978-4645 or at [email protected]

    Vero Beach Police Applicant Process


    Contact Lt. Kevin Martin at 772-978-4645 or at [email protected].

    Obtain a pre-application form by internet or email

    Meet all hiring prerequisites

    Return pre-application by postal mail, e-mail, or fax

    Application review / interview

    Five person interview board

    Meeting with Chief of Police (if applicant passes interview board)

    Conditional offer (if applicable)

    Cooper physical ability assessment

    Polygraph Examination

    Background investigation

    Psychological / Medical examination


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