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Email from aol DEA?


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  • Email from aol DEA?

    I hope I am putting this in the correct forum but I am trying to find some info on something I can't tell if it is a scam email or real. My husband is in law enforcement and currently in the process for DEA SA. He has made it to where they just requested his fingerprints and have mailed him the cards. He received an email Friday from psybus.aol.com stating he had a psych eval Tuesday in Southfield Michigan (Detroit) which is where his recruiter is. We live in KY. No mention was made to him to expect this and with it being out of state with no mention I don't know if it is real or a scam. He reached out to his recruiter Friday but no response yet. The psybus people then called him yesterday saying you need to schedule asap. He said he has to check his schedule bc he can't just not go to work. When he was in the process for FBI SA they notified him weeks ahead he would be traveling and they paid for everything. So one, is this likely real? Two, does the DEA pay for this? It would be about $1500 to $2000 to do this and we can't justify spending this for something that isn't a sure thing. We have a family and bills to pay. I am also still in college and self pay. Anyone have any ideas or knowledge on this? I can't find anything online. I called HR in VA but they said they didn't know. Thanks so much,
    Also thanks to everyone for their service.

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    It could be true. I would continue reaching out to the recruiter because they don't always notify you of the next steps.....you'd typically just receive an email as you did. They won't pay for travel costs. I believe the only thing FBI pays for is travel to the Phase 2 interview, but I'm not certain on that because all of my activities were local. Kentucky now has a Division office in Louisville, so your husband may want to reach out there and see if his file can be transferred since Detroit is pretty far.


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      It is probably real, DEA uses contractors for the evaluation. And no, DEA doesn’t pay for travel during the application process.


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        They won't pay for travel, but I am not sure if you are saying that the center is saying it will cost you all $1500 to $2000 to do the test or if that is the cost of travel. If it is the former then it is absolutely fake. No agency I know of will make the applicant pay for the psyc exam.


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          You do not have to pay for the psych evaluation. If it’s requestiing payment I would stop now and immediately email the recruiter and tell them what is happening.


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            Contact the recruiter or send an email to the DEA's human resources. Respectfully I don't see contractors using an AOL account to send agency hiring/testing info to an applicant. If the email is indeed fake notify the DEA and report it to the FBI's cyber tip centre.

            Things to look for to see if the email is legitimate:

            -The email address will usually have a .gov in it or some other agency identifier.
            -The email will have some sort of message at the bottom saying "this is privileged law enforcement information".
            -Spot on grammar.
            -Lastly an agency wouldn't make someone applying pay for a psych exam. The only thing applicants have to pay for is travel, room, and food.
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