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    TsFost, you should also consider BOP. It’s pretty eaay to get hired, especially if you already have corrections background, and your credit is somewhat decent. Most important thing is that it is 6C, so it starts your clock, and pay isnt terrible.


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      I never wanted to be an 1811. I was happy being a DoD 0083. Now I am a 2151 (Dispatcher) (or will be effective 9 Dec).
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        Originally posted by danger View Post
        I guess everything is relative. I made over 95k my first year with no experience in K9. Thats pretty good for a first year at an agency in my book.

        I have never been in the pay band system nor worked for TSA but my son does and I have had a couple of coworkers over the years that were prior FAMS. To my understanding the Transportation Security Specialist EDCH position is graded at pay band G and H. According to the 2017 TSA pay band chart band G starts at $40,958 and band H starts at $49,957. If you adjust for locality (I just picked 24 percent) the base pay would be at G = $50,787 and H = $61,946. I realize that there are upper limits to these bands but according to my son and couple of coworkers within band increases seldomly happen. Using San Francisco locality (39.28% - the highest in the nation) base pay at G = $57,046 and H = $69,580.

        So yes it is possible that someone in your position could earn around $95K in a year but that would require a substantial amount of OT (and an OT Waiver) and is unlikely (at least across the board). The I understand that many K9 positions guarantee the handler some OT to care for/train the pooch but, depending on your locality, your base pay could very well be less than half of the claimed $95K earnings. I think the current OT cap is $35k (there is talks of raising the cap to $45k) a year so one would need a waiver.

        Also keep in mind that TSP matching and high 3 are calculated using base pay only.

        I can see this being one of the better positions in TSA, outside of the FAMS, but it is compensated at a rate significantly lower than other similar positions in the Federal Government.
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          Not just overtime you have to account for. There is Sunday pay, holiday pay, and shift differential.

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        1 hour a day built in for OT and hazardous duty pay. I have heard they clamped down on haz pay but between haz and OT, never actually worked OT, I was making 90s. I think between haz pay and built in OT, it came to around 30k extra a year.


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