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Applying for a different agency while on probation


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  • Applying for a different agency while on probation

    Hey everybody. I have been with an agency for about 7 months now and it has a year and a half probationary period. I have found out over the last few month's that the agency I work for is not one I want to stay with. What I am wondering is if It it likely that I would get fired for applying to a different agency while on probation with this one? Even though I don't want to stay with this one I can't lose this job and be out of work while looking for a new job. I just don't see the point of waisting the agencies money and time to continue to work with me if I don't plan on staying. Thanks for the help.

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    Depends on the agency... every agency is different.


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      Your an at will employee I'm guessing, so depending on how your agency feels they could fire you for whatever reason and not have to tell you. Then Your out of luck. Your best bet is to ride it out. Get the experience then apply else where. At that point you will have a state certificate and experience. More than likely do a modified field training with department B. Vs run the chance of getting fired, now just an academy graduate with limited experience, and will have to do a full field training program.
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        Ok, is this not a variation of the same question you just asked about leaving your job??

        Will they fire you for applying for a new job? No.

        Will they make work life difficult if they find out? Probably.

        Bottom line: life is short. Finding the right match re: making a living is important.

        There is no simple way to move on from a job you don't like. The reality is a mix of risk, opportunity, timing, and luck will be involved. Be professional in how conduct yourself while you figure out your next career move and an exit plan.

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          My suggestion is to stay and get off probation. If your State is the same as mine, there are different levels of State certifications. Basic certification ends when an officer completes their probationary period. That is when an officer has a General certification. I would think you would have a better chance at being hired at a different agency with a year and a half experience with completed certification credentials rather than starting out as if with nothing. You will also be asked why you are suddenly leaving. Don't create the appearance of that type of trend.

          Being a probationary employee makes you vulnerable since you are an at-will employee. Your agency will find out you are in an application process well before the agency you are applying for is ready to hire you. You said you couldn't stand to be out of work, so why jeopardize that? Be patient and hang in there.


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            Talk about opening Pandora’s Box. There are a lot of things her you haven’t come close to considering.

            First, your current agency has expended a lot of time and money in your hiring. Specifically, the cost of your background, medical and psych, the academy (if you were not self-sponsored) and the cost of your FTO training. Wanting to bail when you are not even halfway through your probationary period is a real kick in the teeth to your current agency. They may take is as your being ungrateful and cause them to lose any incentive to retain you. If you don’t want to stay, why should they make any effort to keep or continue to train you? Similarly, it could affect any evaluations of current and future performance, along with recommendations they may provide to future agencies,

            But, let’s also look at it from the point of view of any agency you may apply with. One of the strongest factors in evaluating an applicant is their ability to persevere under adverse conditions. Under your scenario, you seek to bail at the first sign of unhappiness and are willing to burn bridges behind you by wasting the time and effort of your prior agency to hire and train you. No one wants to hire that guy.

            Tough it out, keep your mouth shut, complete your probation and get your certification. Between now and then, quietly research the departments you would like to work for. Once probation and certification have been completed, then start applying, but not before.
            Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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              Just wait til you’re off probation. Only 8 more months bro


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