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FOIA: A great way to find out who was hired...


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  • FOIA: A great way to find out who was hired...

    Ever wonder why you didn't get hired and who was ultimately hired for a position? I can't speak for local and state agencies, but with the federal LE jobs, you can submit a Federal of Information Act Request to receive that information.

    I have obtained the full resumes of successfully applicants, interview board notes, reference checks and much more. Some agencies will black out interview notes but I have been surprised by the amount of info that is not blacked out and released.

    Obtaining this information can let you see how you compared to the applicant pool, how a board rated you, and what you can do to improve yourself. I highly recommend FOIA.

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    Ummm many people put their home of record on their resumes... please don’t tell me that info is released..


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      I suppose you could glean some inside insight into who gets hired and who doesn't, but for many agencies sooooo much of that process is subjective to the preferences and/or biases of the hiring panelists. You went to Alabama and the person rating your resume went to LSU? Toast!!

      Btw, what agency sent you a pile of resumes, interview board notes, and reference checks??

      There is nothing that interests me less than someone else's personal file and nothing that interests me more than my own. So I FOIA'd it a couple of years ago. Holy cow, was that an eye opener. Most people were fair and honest. But some made up crap that had me believing they were talking about someone else....
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      • aspiring_fed
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        You talking about what people said about you in backgrounds? Did you FOIA the agency for which you work now?

      • Ratatatat
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        You can FOIA your own background file.

        Kind of a smart thing to do, given the big hack that happened a couple years ago. At least you know what's out there, floating around....

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      USFWS and VA Police....sent me resumes, interview board notes and reference checks (that were conducted on me).

      NCIS and ICE sent me resumes but blacked out interview board notes.


      • Agent1234
        Agent1234 commented
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        When filling out the Federal of Information Act Request is there a certain way I need to fill it out? I would like to find out how to request information for positions I got passed over on.

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      Not really. Just state you are requesting copies of whatever you are seeking through FOIA. With that being said, the agency doesn't have to release everything. Some agencies are very open when it comes to FOIA, others will black out and deny everything. Your results may vary...
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        I just requested my files from NPS anyone have experience requesting from that particular agency?


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          USFWS and VA Police....sent me resumes, interview board notes and reference checks

          The way OLE hires: tape a bunch of resumes to the wall (a mix of the qualified... and the clueless), throw some darts. Where they land, they land (which pretty much explains the status quo.)
          People get on, people get off, but the train never stops.


          • Figureout18
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          This FOIA. Haven’t heard of this before. To request one fr an agency is it sent to the HR , the hiring mngr or who? Is there a form to fill out? What process steps are used? I really am interested in seeing how this works out and what insight I can get from it. Thanks in advance!!


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            Every agency has FOIA officers whose job is to reply to FOIA requests.

            The whole point of FOIA is transparency in government, but there are guidelines as to what is releasable.

            Also, not every agency maintains a central archive of records. If you sent a FOIA request to a headquarters office in Wash DC for records related to a job in Florida where the regional personnel office is in Atlanta, you'll get a form letter saying 'no records found.' So you have to figure out how an agency is set up to get the best results.

            Google 'FOIA' and the agency acronym to find FOIA contacts and how each agency processes requests. For example, say you wanted to FOIA the EPA for how much it cost to sound proof Scott Pruitt's office, you would follow the steps outlined at this site:

            People get on, people get off, but the train never stops.


            • PHSeaBee
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              FOIA!! I feel so stupid now.... I was up way too early and read Federal Of Information Act and was fast to say WTH is that!!! But to be honest I also didn’t realize you could FOIA a BI aswell. Thanks

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