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  • Letter of Reccomendation/Reference

    Can someone post an example of a good letter of reference or recommendation for a entry level police officer position.

    Currently I am in the military and my CO is going to write one for me but he would like to see an example.

    Thank You

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    Law enforcement hiring is not similar to what you find with a private business, so I really don't think a letter will help.

    If you are applying with a civil service agency then the hiring process will be very structured. Whether or not you are hired will depend solely on your getting a passing test score and being high enough on the list to get picked before the hiring list expires. You background basically looks for grounds to disqualify you.

    Under the circumstances, a letter of recommendation is pretty much worthless.
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      Most of the agencies i have been applying to want 2 letters of reference and some want letters of recommendation.

      I think that a letter coming from a very high ranking military official talking about your character and why you hold a top secret security clearance would be pretty helpful.


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        Better Idea

        Rather than having your commanding officer draft a letter, I would suggest using him as a reference, with his prior approval, to as to your charachter and work ethic. That is what I did with my C.O. and platoon commander before leaving active duty in the Corps......
        Best of luck!


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          Letter of Recommendation/Reference

          Posterchild, you've recieved two very excellent pieces of advice from both L-1, and LPD concerning the letter of reference. I will concede that in the process of applying to a small department, such a letter could be helpful, but in a formal, highly structured process, such as for a large city/county, or virtually any state agency, such a letter would be of little,if any help. Should you advance to the portion of the process where references are asked for, you might, as LPD suggested, list a commanding officer as a reference.


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