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St. Louis County PD Application


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  • St. Louis County PD Application

    I'm in the process of finishing up my application for STLCOPD. With the packet was a checklist for included documents. Included on the document checklist is a tax information authorization, Form 8821. Unless I am overlooking it, that form is not included in the application packet, and I wonder if the checklist has simply not been updated and the form replaced with the 4506-T, which is included.

    I can download and include Form 8821, however it requests some information of the St. Louis County Police Department that I do not know, such as CAF number. It also asks for what type of tax, what tax form number, and what year periods are requested.

    Also, the 4506-T form is lacking the year(s) of transcripts which will be requested (Section #9). Should I assume that the previous three years will be requested and write them in?

    I emailed a STLCOPD recruiter, but have not received an answer. It has been a few days, and these tax documents are all that is holding me up from finishing and returning the app.

    Does anyone have any insight?
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