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I'm Interested in multiple federal jobs


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  • I'm Interested in multiple federal jobs

    i am in the US Coast Guard, i am still new, i have been in since May of 06'. I am currently working on getting my Boarding Team member qualification, which has to do with LE.

    my main interest is Federal Air Marshal. How hard would it be for me to get into the FAM service considering i am under DHS right now? Right now i am active duty coast guard, but my out-date is in 2010 and i would like to try another federal job. Would i be able to be a FAM and a CG reservist at the same time?

    I am also interested in the FBI but i'm almost positive i need a college education for that.

    Anything K-9 related also seems very interesting.

    also, i'm not even 100% positive i will not re enlist in the coast guard, i do love search and rescue aswell as LE. I'm just looking ahead.

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    Getting your college degree seems like the best option in the long run. It is not required for many LE positions, but will definitely put you ahead.


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      Yea, i spoke to my Dad about it (retired Army Major, now works for TSA) and he said i would be best off getting college under my belt too.

      Thanks for the advice sbor, i'm most likely going to do that.

      i'll take advantage of the tuition assistance the coast guard offers


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        We must have been at TRACEN Cape May at the same time, I joined in June '06.
        U.S. Coast Guard R since 2006.
        Petty Officer Third Class (E-4)


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          i was in Golf 174? how about you?


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            Get your degree. BTM/BTO will help, but that alone is not enough. You need 3 years as a local LEO (not USCG) or a four year degree, or a combonation therof.
            I am also prior USCG. I wish I had stayed in for my 20. It's a better deal in the long run.


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