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British Bobby working in The US


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  • British Bobby working in The US

    I'm very new to this so please take it easy with me !
    I have managed to secure a job with a US mid-West Police Department ( all tests passed )but seem to be having problems with the whole immigration thing !
    You might well have had this question or plee for help before but ............. can anyone gave me any pointers or help in getting through this mine field ?
    I don't have a degree but have 13 years service as a Beat bobby in London (over 2 employment peroids).

    Can anyone offer any suggestions please

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    Welcome, Bill!

    Glad you decided to come to the fun side of the pond Sorry, can't help you with the immigration stuff. I'm sure there are a few on here who can and will, however. One thing to remember now that you're in the U.S. is that you'll run into many people with guns (especially in the Midwest). Take the proper precautions to ensure your safety, but remember that a person with a gun is not necessarily a criminal here....

    Good luck with the rest of the process. Be sure to keep us posted on how policing in the U.S. compares with that across the pond....
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      British Bobby working in U.S.

      Bill, I wish I could help you with the immigration mess. Your training and experience as an Officer in London will be of considerable value to you in the U.S. Do keep in mind though, that there are serious differences. One area of great difference is the general American attitude and access to firearms. As the previous poster noted, being armed does not automatically confer criminal status on an individual. Hope things work out for you, and best of luck in your new endeavors.


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        Thanks for the welcome and advice. If i ever get past the immigration process i'll certainly take on board your advice.


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          Is the deparmtent you've been offered a job with willing to sponsor a work permit application, or do you have any close relatives who are U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents?


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            The department is willing to sponser me and it was them that gave me my first bits of advice on the immigration process. I have since found out that this process(Green Card) can take up to 5 years !!!! ( i got this information from the city lawyer). I dont have a degree so i don't think i'll qualify for the H1B visa. I don't have any family living in the US so that rules out that one. So at the moment i'm kind of stuck !!
            Any help you can give me would be a start and a glimmer of hope !


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              Hello Mate,

              Heres a list of the states that will take you with just your green card and not your citizenship -

              Of course the difficult part is actually getting that in the 1st place!

              Im a born and bred Scotsman that used to be a copper in the Met before i immigrated here and went through the whole USCIS (INS) Process, Im a State Trooper here now and life has never been better.

              Im with everyone else though, police over here from back home is TOTALLY different and the gun thing takes a bit of getting used to - but its all worth it!

              Drop me a PM and i might be able to throw you some ideas

              Good Luck


              Alaska - Can work in just about ANY department with just a Green Card
              • Alabama – Citizenship required by state law
              • Arkansas – Citizenship Required by state law
              • Arizona – Citizenship required by state law
              • California – Will take you on a green card provided you are eligible and have already applied for Citizenship
              • Colorado – Can work in MOST departments with just a green card, no POST type requirement for citizenship.
              • Connecticut – POST requirement for Certification
              • Washington DC – POST requirement for Citizenship
              • Delaware – No State requirement for citizenship, however I cannot find any department that doesn’t require it.
              • Florida – State law requires Citizenship
              • Georgia – POST requirement for Citizenship.
              • Hawaii – Can work in any department with just a green card
              • Iowa – ILEA (POST) requires citizenship.
              • Idaho – POST requires Citizenship
              • Illinois – No State requirement for Citizenship, SOME departments will take you on a green card (Incl. Chicago PD)
              • Indiana – POST type requirement for Citizenship
              • Kansas – State Law requirement for citizenship.
              • Kentucky – POST type requirement for Citizenship.
              • Louisiana – No state requirement for Citizenship, about 50% of departments will take you with just a green card.
              • Massachusetts – No state requirement for citizenship, several departments available that will hire with green card.
              • Maine – No state requirement for Citizenship, about 75% will take you (including state police) with just a green card and the state police academy doesn’t require citizenship.
              • Maryland – State law requires Citizenship
              • Minnesota – State POST requirement for citizenship.
              • Michigan – MCOLES (Post type thingy) requires Citizenship.
              • Mississippi – State Dept of Public Safety requires citizenship
              • Missouri – POST Requirement for Citizenship
              • Montana – POST requirements state that Quote “Must be a US citizen, but MAY be a lawful resident alien” whatever that means.
              • Nebraska – State law requires Citizenship.
              • Nevada – POST requirement for Citizenship.
              • New Hampshire – State requirement for Citizenship.
              • New Jersey – State requirement for Citizenship
              • New Mexico – State requires citizenship
              • New York – State requires Citizenship
              • North Carolina – POST requires Citizenship
              • North Dakota – POST requirements state that they will take you with just a green card – See the following link
              • Ohio – No state or post requirement for citizenship, Spoke to several departments who stated over the phone that they would hire Green card holders.
              • Oklahoma – Will take you on a green card – see the following CLEET standards link -
              • Oregon – Will take you on a green card – BUT you HAVE to attain Citizenship within 18 months else your certificate will be revoked.
              • Pennsylvania – Citizenship required by state
              • Rhode Island – Citizenship required but I cant find the legal basis behind the requirement.
              • South Carolina - Citizenship required but I cant find the legal basis behind the requirement.
              • South Dakota – Will take you on a Green card but you must “declare intent to become a naturalized citizen as soon as eligible”
              • Tennessee – State law requires citizenship
              • Texas – Recently changed law means that In order to be certified by the TCLEOSE (POST) agency you have to be a US citizen. Previously there was no Citizenship requirement.
              • Utah - State requirement for Citizenship
              • Vermont – no Citizenship Law - Will take Green card holders, Incl. the State Police
              • Virginia – POST requires US Citizenship – BUT will waive the Citizenship requirement if good reason is shown and such a waiver is filed on form “DCJS Form w-1 application of waiver for minimum qualifications” Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs have the authority to approve this application for waiver – as does the POST agency.
              • Washington – No legal requirement for citizenship, nor any POST type requirement, however I only found two small departments that will take you with a green card.
              • West Virginia – No state requirement for citizenship, several major departments will take you on a green card
              • Wisconsin – Cannot find any information as per a state requirement for Citizenship. Most departments websites require it – however the State police DOES NOT.
              • Wyoming – Citizenship required by state law.
              • Washington DC – Citizenship required by state law.


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                Well...the only way to go about it would be for the department to sponsor an employment-based immigrant visa for you, if the H1B and family options are out. Not to deflate your sails at all, but I would think with the whole Dept. of Labor certification process, it would take some time. That process has to be completed before you can even send in a petition for an immigrant visa.

                I'm wondering, do you know if the department has ever sponsored anyone before for a visa?


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                  No the department haven't done this before. I currently looking into going down the EB3 visa which uses the new PERM process which takes about 90 days and then i have about a 1-2 year wait. if anyone has any other suggestions i'm open to them.


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                    Hey I was looking in the Colorado Springs Police Department webpage, and you dont even need a green card, they will hire you with only a work permit, it looks like they are looking for people right now, im sure that with your experience, they may sponsor you for the work permit, you should try to contact the recruitment unit, please let me know how it goes!!


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                      Thanks for the info. I've had a look at the web site and dropped them an email to see what they have to say. I found the bit you mentioned:

                      "You must be by the date of hire a US citizen, permanent resident alien, temporary resident alien, applicant for temporary resident status, refugee or asylee. All applicants that are offered employment must provide documents to establish their identity and employment eligibility for authorization to work in the U.S. "

                      with this in mind i've tasked my lawyer to do some digging !
                      When i get an answer from my lawyer or the Dept. i'll let you no.

                      Thanks again, if i make it i'll buy the beer !!!!
                      Last edited by OLDBILL1; 04-02-2007, 03:48 PM.


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                        CSPD will NOT sponsor for a green card, it has been asked and denied in the past.

                        You have a significant problem OldBill and that is that the EB3 visa is for professionals who hold a US baccalaureate degree or foreign equivalent degree that is normally required for the profession. Education and experience may not be substituted for the degree. Members of the professions include, but are not limited to architects, engineers, lawyers, physicians, surgeons, etc.

                        A police officer position does not qualify for this type of visa because only about 2% of depts require a 4 year degree. Even if the dept you are applying to requires a degree, the above visa is for occupations which normally require a degree. You won't be granted an EB3 visa for a police officer position no matter how the dept phrase the application.
                        It is not the critic who counts...


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                          Dude, when you get over here, that accent of yours will get you alllll the chicks.

                          I'm jealous, lol!

                          "It's a game of cat and mouse. It's a game of hide and seek. Albeit games with deadly consequences. Like most games-the better you know the rules, the more likely you are to win."


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                            Old Bill,

                            Same situation here......I'm currently at BI stage for CSP!
                            I have a solution....IM me.....let's talk!


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                              Originally posted by ElDiabloJoe
                              Dude, when you get over here, that accent of yours will get you alllll the chicks.

                              I'm jealous, lol!

                              I dunno. My experience is that American girls go crazy for Scottish and Irish lads (not me putting on an accent - people I've been with). The English accent just doesn't seem to do it anymore. In fact, Americans generally think I'm Australian if they have to guess. Might be different if I talked like Hugh Grant though ...
                              I'm a little bit waayy, a little bit wooah, a little bit woosh, I'm a geezer.


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