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2017 DEA Special Agent Applicants


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  • 2017 DEA Special Agent Applicants

    I noticed a lot of 2017 applicants posting in the 2016 thread
    Here's whose in so far


    Everyone on this list got the email from HQ May 15-19 requesting more documents and are waiting on next steps.

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    i *think* i'm in. i was told by my recruiter that i was in the May 2017 submission, but i never got an email from HQ requesting more documents. the recruiter asked for my resume, transcripts, and OF-306 back in April. i followed up in June and was told by my recruiter i was put in, but it worries me slightly that i didn't get some of the communication you guys got.

    i was in the process back in 2010-2012, so i know if anything can go wrong in the DEA process, it will.


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      I also got the email from HQ in May for latest announcement. Sent in requested documents and now waiting.


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        Hmm i sent in the materials awhile back.. maybe I should touch base with my recruiter?


        • emaichbe03
          emaichbe03 commented
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          fo sho. more in touch is better than less in touch with the DEA, especially under this new process they have going.

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        What's up guys? I'm new to the site, but came across this forum. I received the email stating they are in the final receipt of applicant information and I sent all the requested documents. I was curious if anyone has heard anything further? Thanks in advanced.


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          Apparently I'm back in the process again. It's becoming difficult to track whether I'm in or out with the DEA.


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            Anyone heard anything?


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              still nuddin

              i think the last cohort submitted in sept and heard in march, so that's 6 months. assuming similar pattern and no budget delays, that would put us hearing in november.


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                I called Special Agent Recruitment & Hiring at 202-307-4100 the other day, the woman on the phone said we probably wont hear anything for another 6-8 months unless you're a veteran


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                  Tommy I can second what you were told to a point. I asked my recruiter about the Special Agent exam and he told me that HQ is predictably dragging its heels on it. All I got waa that there's no timeline but contrary to what I was told at SAO, testing would not be in September but much later. I should expect at least November like emaichbe03 said, but that's a pure guess and probably overly optimistic.
                  ATF SA -
                  Location: Houston
                  Test Score: Passed
                  Progress: Waiting scheduling PTT

                  US Secret Service SA - SA-NC001-17
                  Location: Houston
                  Test Score: Passed
                  Progress: Passed ELAC, awaiting poly

                  DEA SA - BA2017-1
                  Location: Houston Division
                  Test Score: Passed
                  Progress: Completed panel, medical, awaiting PFT and Poly


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                    Hello everyone, I am a May 2017 applicant as well and was wondering what all of your views are on my chances. Now I understand that none of you truly know what an ideal applicant is but any input would greatly be appreciated and regardless I will still be continuing with my dream career of one day being a federal agent. I have sent in all documents as many of you have so I am currently in the same line up with you all! So here's my background I volunteered as a combat medic with the red crescent (non military but worked in war zones during actual fighting) I speak Arabic but can not read or write it. I currently work as an ABA therapist working with autistic kids and I only have a bachelors degree. I have no law enforcement experience and that worries me compared to a lot of the L.E and military guys. Thank you guys for reading!


                    • kevmahones
                      kevmahones commented
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                      My son has autism and great ABA therapists are life-changing. Thanks for what you do and good luck in the process. Patience is probably one of your strengths which will serve you well.

                    • Samthedetroiter
                      Samthedetroiter commented
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                      kevmahones thank you for the comment! I truly do enjoy helping these kids out and there's nothing like helping a child's quality of life improve and I hope to use my experiences for this career!

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                    I emailed the recruiter from the STL Division and he informed me that he is hoping that they will begin testing for the process that opened up in May sometime between now and November.


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                      That's good news....I'm only putting a couple eggs in this basket, but we'll see


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                        Hello gentlemen,
                        Got a quick question, I am also a May 2017 applicant and waiting for more testing info. For those who have successfully passed the exams or other potential applicants, does anyone know of good study exams for the written test. I know they have done a video/ask questions about the video exam, a "memo" written part... But I'm more concern about their Third exam which is true/false over sentence structure, grammar, etc. Anybody use any useful study guides for that portion of the exam. Any help would be appreciated


                        • zenryoman
                          zenryoman commented
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                          Ditto on that. I'm out of Miami.

                        • ELCID05
                          ELCID05 commented
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                          I used a SAT prep book and it was great.

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                        If you haven't submitted your application, put one in now, they are taking them again.



                        • Peacemaker54
                          Peacemaker54 commented
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                          Where do you submit it? Don't see anything on USAJobs or their website?

                        • 36thID
                          36thID commented
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                          There is no announcement online, you have to email the recruiter at your closest DEA Field office, you can find a list on the DEA website.

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