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Is it a bad idea to begin an 1811 career in your mid-thirties?


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      The thing I struggle with most is what is the best decision for the entire family unit. If you have a wife, kids, parents, in-laws, those people all matter.

      If your choice benefits you to the detriment of your family unit, then I think you have to swallow hard and let your own personal satisfaction take a back seat.


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        Don't over-think this decision. If family concerns are the highest priority, which they should be, then make that the focus of your decision process. Take into account the average 1811 gets placed somewhere away from home initially and may make several moves (often not by choice) during a career. Some folks are able to get back home or near it eventually, but many do not. Some family structures can handle all the moves, some can not.

        Many an 1811 who did not consider these dynamics later found themselves going through the big D and I don't mean Dallas (or being threatened with the big D and then abruptly leaving their *dream job* and having to scrounge for a job, any job, once back home).
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          Is it a bad idea to try to career change to 1811 in your mid thirties? In your case it probably is. You are close to the 37/40 year old max age for many agencies. Considering it can takes year to land a gig, you could easily age out.

          If all you have is a law degree and no relevant experience, then it will be even more difficult.


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