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  • ICE SA Hiring Process

    Hi to all,

    I know that ICE is opening a hiring phase for entry level SA's in April 2007. Are there any ICE SA's on here I can chat with? Or anyone with valid information on the hiring process and requirements?

    Not going into too much about myself, I'm 29, female, 5 years experience as a state level probation/parole officer (firearms carrying, same authority to arrest as a state investigator), fluent in Spanish, conversational in Farsi and almost finished with my Master's in Security Studies.

    I've wanted to apply for a federal position, specifically with ICE, since DHS was created but wanted to wait until my education was complete and had some work experience. I'm mostly wondering about the test and what fitness testing I'll need to be able to pass. It's been a few years since I completed NC's basic law enf. training so I wanted to know how to prepare. I'm in pretty good shape now but I didn't want to wait all this time to apply and then not be prepared properly for all the tests.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    the written test is cake. there's no physical testing.. only a medical exam. if you want a PIN you should contact your nearest ICE recruiter's office and submit your resume. they will then contact you after a while. the process can take from a year to 2-3 years...

    ICE website doesn't have requirements. i'm not ICE SA but am in the process and waiting for my interview. i know for a fact you are qualified so you shouldn't have a problem getting a pin.

    i'm sure other could tell you how the physical training is at FLETC.


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      Thanks, Ask80. I actually know quite a few ICE 1811's and IEA's in my local ICE office and the recruiter has my resume. He told me he couldn't proceed further with anything until April because that's when the open hire starts up again. I assume I'll get a PIN then? Do you know how frequent they test? How long ago did you test?


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        i sent my resume in like august 06. didn't get a call until end of october 06. received pin and package and took written test 1/12/07. received results about 2nd week fed 07 and am waiting. i'm sure you're a shoe in. i'm 26, B.A. and some LE experience. obviously you're getting your masters and have more time in LE than me. so i don't see any problems. i heard it's random when they open up the process. but you should check


        not sure if you can see it w/o registering. a lot more details on ICE and other federal agencies. tons and tons of pages on ICE and other people who are going into the process.


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          I checked out that site. Wow, you weren't kidding. Way more posts to read about ICE 1811 applicants. I'll have to join.


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