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  • Originally posted by 1811Chick View Post
    Wow, you have got to have, hands down, the fastest timeline I've ever seen. 6 months flat from application to the call?? Amazing! Well done.
    My time line was fast this time, and I am very thankful. I did apply in 2004 fresh out of college and got my TEA out of the way then. It saved me time this time, but it did not feel good to get the thin letter after the panel back then.

    And thank you by the way.
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    02/02/09- Applied


    • Any reason why the Secret Service stopped accepting applications from GS-5's? Seems as if they're hiring often, they'd want to open it up for more interested candidates????


      • Originally posted by tricerri123 View Post
        so tried searching around the forum but found nothing. how big of an impact can your credit score have on you as far as applying? i was talking to a security guard a few weeks ago and told me he couldn't join LAPD due to his credit score which he stated wasn't all that bad. he said he also has a bachelors in criminal justice.

        i have decent credit even though twice i had to pay an overdraft fee for spending more than what was in my account. im just afraid the SS wouldn't accept me just because of a minor issue or two with my credit. opinions would be greatly appreciated!!
        I was told basically that they look at if you are able to pay the debts you owe, like to the gov't. I think you would be ok if you have not had anything sent to collections. Iam just guessing though.
        02/02/09- Applied


        • If you post on the other forum as "1811BigFella", please send me a PM.
          02/02/09- Applied


          • congrats Tenn, and Good!

            Quick question, when do the actually start your BI? Is it right after the panel?


            • Background started for me sometime after my poly and medical
              02/02/09- Applied


              • 1811BigFella - Give me a PM if you can. I think we are in the exact same spot.


                • USSS just sent me the thanks but no thanks email. Applied in the middle to end of May. How long would you guys give before re-applying?


                  • Originally posted by kw74 View Post
                    USSS just sent me the thanks but no thanks email. Applied in the middle to end of May. How long would you guys give before re-applying?
                    One year minimum. If they do not view you as competitive then you need time to build your resume. Can not do that in any less than a year.


                    • Originally posted by BLaw81 View Post
                      Got a call yesterday that I needed to correct a few things on my SF-86. i did so and resbmitted it today. Good sign. She said she is working on panel iterviews (dates) as we speak. I hope it includes me!
                      Hi BLaw81,

                      Im waiting on a call for the panel too, I see you are in Broward, are you hiring out of Miami??


                      • How many agents are the SSSA looking to hiring?


                        • Is their way of saying they I am not competitive telling me something to the effect that this isn't a negative reflection on my qualifications but rather that too many well qualified applicants put in at this time and many qualified were not selected? Just trying to figure it out so I know where I am at. I wish if it was my experience or qualifications they would have just told me.
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                          • **********
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                            • Weekly Applicant Update

                              S/A Applicant Status Update 07/20/2009

                              This week’s movement:

                              Good_to_Go! has received the call! Congratulations and good luck! Bham SA Hopeful has the panel interview scheduled for this week. 18Dto1811, MR_BOND, and 1811BigFella have joined the list.

                              AT FLETC/JJRTC
                              FPO in Philly: Applied 09/07, INITIAL 01/08, TEA 01/08, PANEL 01/08, POLY 02/08, MED 02/08, BI 10/08, THE CALL 04/09 (June 09)
                              hawkeye81: Applied 12/07, INITIAL 01/08, TEA 03/08, PANEL 04/08, POLY 08/08, BI 09/08, MED 10/08, THE CALL 04/09 (June 09)

                              RECEIVED “THE CALL!” FLETC BOUND
                              Wilson: Applied 08/08, INITIAL 09/08, TEA 10/08, PANEL 12/08, POLY 02/09, MED 04/09, BI 04/09, Drug Screen 04/09, THE CALL 06/09 (Aug 09)
                              Good_to_Go!: Applied 12/07, TEA 02/08, INITIAL 02/08, PANEL 03/09, POLY 05/09, MED 06/09, BI 07/09, Drug Screen 07/09, THE CALL 07/09

                              APPLICATION COMPLETE - WAITING ON “THE CALL”
                              MR_BOND: Applied 02/08, INITIAL 12/08, TEA 01/09, PANEL 02/09, MED 02/09, POLY 03/09, BI 04/09, Drug Screening 05/09
                              1811BigFella: Applied 10/08, INITIAL 02/09, TEA 03/09, PANEL 04/09, POLY 05/09, MED 06/09, BI 06/09, HI 06/09, Drug Screen 06/09
                              18Dto1811: Applied 11/08, TEA 01/09, INITIAL 02/09, PANEL 02/09, POLY 03/09, MED 04/09, BI 05/09, Drug Screen 06/09

                              BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION ONGOING

                              CJSSA2B: Applied 08/07, TEA 10/07, INITIAL 11/07, PANEL 01/08, POLY 04/08, MED 04/08, BI 05/08
                              calavera: INITIAL 11/08, TEA 02/09, PANEL 04/09, POLY 06/09
                              1811orBust: Applied 03/09, TEA 04/09, INITIAL 04/09, PANEL 04/09, POLY 06/09

                              COMPLETED PANEL INTERVIEW
                              Kappa Cop: Applied 01/09, INITIAL 01/09, TEA 02/09, PANEL 04/09
                              1811Chick: Applied 01/09, INITIAL 03/09, TEA 04/09, PANEL 05/09, POLY 07/09
                              Goose49: Applied 04/09, TEA 05/09, INITIAL 06/09, PANEL 07/09

                              COMPLETED INITIAL INTERVIEW
                              BLaw81: TEA 2006, INITIAL 03/09
                              AgentHopeful03: Applied 02/08, INITIAL 07/08, TEA 05/09
                              Bham SA Hopeful: Applied 11/08, TEA 05/09, INITIAL 05/09, PANEL 07/09
                              brickster720: Applied 04/09, TEA 06/09, INITIAL 06/09, PANEL 08/09
                              Indy44: Applied 04/09, TEA 06/09, INITIAL 07/09

                              COMPLETED TEA EXAM
                              skunkworks: Applied 05/09, TEA 07/09

                              Future1811: Applied 03/09

                              If you would like to be added to the list, PM me with your time line. If your time line needs to be updated PM me with your updates.

                              *= New to the list.
                              (Date) = Class Date
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                              • Hey!

                                Hey everyone! After numerous attempts at getting registered for this forum, it finally worked! I had to get a medical followup cleared and it should be good to go tomorrow. Timeline below!

                                Applied 10/08
                                INITIAL 02/09
                                TEA 03/09
                                PANEL 04/09
                                POLY 05/09
                                MED 06/09
                                BI 06/09
                                HI 06/09
                                Drug Screen 06/09

                                Officially waiting on "The Call"!


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