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  • Originally posted by Hunt the Jackel
    we have it made. We are the laughing stock of Federal Law Enforcement ! And before the choir chirps in here. Nobody who has gone to ICE,IEA,FAMS,BP,DEA,ATF has ever come back in my 7 years here, HOWEVER anybody who came from a full time local,state,county who got their old job back took it. Or their in the process of looking for a way out !

    There he is!!! God I missed you HTJ.


    • Originally posted by sandwichman View Post
      A former coastguard buddy of mine whose trying to get into the Marine tactical division of CBP told me they're getting lots of applicants and they are weeding people out little by little.

      If any of you are trying to land a job in Miami, FL, good luck. When I did my VBT down on Brickell Ave, the administrator said about 200-300 people recently did VBTs and ALL are looking to get into MIA or the port of Miami. She said those people are going to be waiting for 2-3 years before getting a job with CBP.

      The only reason I chose Miami is because I'm already here. Anyway, if you want the job be flexible with where you're willing to work. Florida isn't all that, especially between May-October when the humidity will make you wish you didn't move down here. No dis to any of the Florida massive, but since '82, the temp and humidity have done nothing but gone up, and the state is getting more and more crowded.

      If you do get a job down here and you haven't lived here long, you'll notice people here don't know how to drive. You can also expect to narrowly avoid being in a car accident on a daily basis, especially in Dade and Broward.
      I took the test that same day in Miami as you,I COMPLETED all but for my BI,on May 4th I did a Polygraph(interrogation)so I am just waiting to see what happens next.Good Luck.


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        Luck is where preparation meets opportunity. - Seneca


        • Originally posted by sandwichman View Post
          ehhh.. I hope you studied the sample tests that they have online and if you got the sample test in the mail, you understand the questions on it and the style of the test.

          Each section is timed and the 4-5 hours goes by pretty quickly.

          Is the sample test the same thing as the preparation manual that is a .pdf???
          ATF 1811 SA
          Applied - 10/13/09

          CBPO (GEO - Philadelphia)
          Written Test - 5/11/09
          NOR (87) - 6/10/09

          ICE IEA (GEO - Philadelphia)
          Written Test - 6/1/09
          NOR (88.9) - 6/22/09

          ICE 1811 SA
          Written Test - 7/28/09
          Written - Passed - 8/10/09
          NOR (80.5 ugggh)


          • Bi

            Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone can shed some light on the Background investigation interview.

            My BI is going to be meeting with me next week and it looks like we will be talking for 3-4 hours. Is this normal? It seems like a lot of time to talk about my history b/c there is not much...
            EXAM: 8/08
            NOR: 9/9/08 - 98
            T.O.: 2/2/09
            GEO - E. TX
            Forms - 2/6/09
            Quals - 4/13/09
            Med - 2/27/09 Clr 4/10/09
            VBT - 3/10/09 Clr 4/6/09
            UDS - 6/24/09
            BI - Met w. B.I. 4/12/09 clr 7/2/09
            Fitness - 3/9/09
            TSU - 7/2/09

            Law Enforcement Specialist (ICE)
            GEO: VT
            NOR: 99 (GS-11)
            T.O.: 10/28/09
            B.I.: clr 3/12/10
            E.O.D.: 4/11/2010!!!


            • Originally posted by TPA3312 View Post
              Who let you back in here? Just go. We don't want you on this thread! Go some where else to complain about your job, and how ICE or FPS won't accept you. I hope you realize we don't want you here. Why don't you understand? You are too old?
              Yeaaaaa someone notify the administrator


              • Originally posted by Federalyhood View Post
                My question is:

                Why is CBP taking more applications for Florida when there are a lot of people waiting on TSU for months? I'm working on two months and you are working on 4 months, and I know we are not the only two.

                And new people welcome....this is not against you...
                Been in TSU for 42 days and counting for Miami, FL.

                I have to say it was more exciting to wait for the steps to clear than sit around and wait like this..

                I understand when a paid slot opens someone gets in and for some of the slower/smaller areas that may take a while, but Miami? Isnt the port here one of the largest container ports in the nation? I would think itd be faster, but I guess it just goes to show TSU is a while unless you get lucky these days just like any other step..
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                • Does anybody know anything about what happens if you get a denial letter or letter of unsuitability.


                  • Originally posted by ExRebel View Post
                    Does anybody know anything about what happens if you get a denial letter or letter of unsuitability.
                    If you get that....it means exactly as you stated... Denied or unsuitable..


                    • c u n t the jackal just private messaged me again what a effin loser. I dont even think he's cbp. What a gump.
                      What if quotas did exist?!


                      • I meant what do you do if you have already written a letter of appeal, and have not yet gotten a response, and what's the next step OPM takes.


                        • I know c u n t the jackals life story.....He/she was local PD got fired and customs picked him....but before customs he begged and pleaded to be hired by TVA and ICE fps, but since he/she thinks he/she is gods gift to law enforcement nobody would hire him in the great lakes area.
                          What if quotas did exist?!


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                            Luck is where preparation meets opportunity. - Seneca


                            • ExSDSO
                              Why so bitter? Why not quit?

                              "C u N t the haggle"

                              Don`t take this personally. But when you ask simple questions to complex issues, it makes you look stupid. You claim to be a hot shot CBPO.
                              One of the first things you should have learned is don`t ask a question you don`t know the answer too.
                              Now that is a little misleading.
                              BUT you should know something about me before you ask something like why not quit.
                              How old am I ?
                              What did I do before taking the job ?
                              What responsbilty do I have
                              maybe I am putting a pouse through school
                              ETC ETC
                              NOW none of the above may mean anything there just a few examples.

                              NOW I have been to the Southern Border.
                              I have read posts saying the same thing about your Border that I have said
                              ALBIET you deal with less complaints from travling public.
                              I will re post some oldies but goodies from your Port .
                              You know as well as I do what I am talking about.
                              So tell me about yourself then smart guy, Im not a hot shot I enjoy what I do and I despise salty cbpos like yourself. If you hate it then leave, but dont talk ish about the agency that puts clothes on your back a roof over your head and food in your stomach.
                              Perhaps unlike you I do not need the Agency to put food in my stomach . I am employable . Second Obama may be your President and my Commander but he is still a fool . And he pays my wages. I KNOW WHAT YOU DO BUT you keep trying to act like I do not. Oh and for the record I made three arrests today and one seizure. Two aliens, one NCIC . And all the other Agencys basically laugh at you . ICE now has to do a rotation with CET. They call them Powder Puffs . Right now I work on a special team . I have weekends off . Cannot be ordered out . And if you LOVE IT SO much why ya trying to leave ? Most Local Police retire from where they start,


                              WOOOOW 3 arrests??!?! And a load. Pin a rose on your nose, who gives a eff what you did. Like I said quit or continue to take up your u know what. So mr employable why stay if u hate it so much ur a effin joke to this forum and cbp. get the eff outta here guy.

                              C u n t the haggle
                              YOUR A MORON ! You cannot complete a thought. You make no sense at all. YOU BRAG ABOUT your patdowns and when I tell you big deal same stats here. YOU COMPLAIN I told you about them. You do not even understand immediate vs pat down. Which is policy . WHICH leads me to believe you have not done an arrest . THIS IS the only job you could get so your proud of it . Ok I get it . A kid could get through an interview with you and walk away laughing.AND you tell me to get off. LOL ! If i was a USC crossing your Port I would have a good laugh as you huffed and puffed. And I said Sorry bud usc had a good time nothing to dec . Goodbye. Your A Moron. And you still never answered why my remark was racist LOL Because you just talk. YOUR A CBP Lifer for sure


                              Id rather not talk about policy online you loser. So what port do you work at? You know I work at the row THE BUSIEST PORT in the world. You legacy lazy guys would die out here. If anyone is a CBP lifer its you mr senior 11 HAHAHA. USC with attitudes dont get to me, they probably irk you because your afraid to touch them but here everyone is treated the same. You wish you were high speed, you wish you did A&Ds at your port, but truth is your legacy old and salty with no where to go. So quit or like I told your stamp monkey but before grin and bear it while you take it up the you know what b1tch! LOL HAHA
                              YOUR AN IDIOT ! I have recieved many PM from your port. Confirming you do the same as everyone else. Which is a whole lot of customer service work . THIS is your first job paying over min wage so of course it is a big deal to you !


                              All law enforcement is customer service you freaking moron. Its been like weeks and you private message me? You sir have got to be the saltiest loser in cbp. Why don't you learn how to spell before you message me you fool. What port do you work at...you never answered me? I know why. Its because you work as a stamp monkey and you bend over for everyone....not here at Ysidro. You're lazy but wouldn't last 5 minutes here....and you know it. Retire or quit otherwise stop private messaging me...and get a life or a girlfriend. I know your p ussy hurts because you're not qualified to work anywhere else...but face it your taking it up the a55 from cbp and theres nothing you can do about it.

                              "C u n t the smaggle"
                              HAVE YOU EVER thought about getting a GED ? Go back to night school little boy. Stop by and have a beer. My 400 k plus house will blow you away. What do you own in San Y ? I bet you head to the hookers in MX on your day off ? Ever have a girlfriend? What did you do before you got this job ? Can you write a complete sentence ? Did you ever learn the difference between pat downs ? Why do you spend so much time on these boards ?

                              This is all he does...harass me and cry on my shoulder how he/she doesnt have a significant other and hates his/her job. C U N T take your p2000 chamber a round press it against your nose and do us all a favor =)
                              Last edited by ExSDSO; 05-07-2009, 08:14 PM.
                              What if quotas did exist?!


                              • c u n t the smaggle:

                                Sorry but your dumb private messages of you crying and wanting to transfer to San Ysidro is taking too much space up in my mail box I had to ignore you, sorry mam.

                                Maybe one day youll get fired,quit or retire and then youll truly be happy mam. Good luck to you.
                                What if quotas did exist?!


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