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  • And Miami is y I decide not to sell my Gsxr


    • Originally posted by Cbpstyle View Post
      he said with OT I should make 50 1st yr easy
      Not that I'm disagreeing with your brother or you, but other people will need to realize that that's his/your situation; 50K 1st year/90K in 3 years in is not going to be happening in many ports across the country.


      • Merlin, Yea i fully realize that..... just saying mine/his situation but Merlin yes you are correct smaller, not as busy ports will not : (


        • QUESTION: What do you do I fly to buffalo to visit, how do i carry my duty weapon


          • my guess would be you would have to call ahead to notify the airline and check it in with luggage.


            • Originally posted by Santisomo View Post
              my guess would be you would have to call ahead to notify the airline and check it in with luggage.
              You will have to declare it and check it with your luggage (unloaded) like any other person that wishes to transport a weapon on a plane......


              • Originally posted by smpleone View Post
                How long have you been waiting?
                I applied back in July and I was placed in TSU on 3/19/09


                • Originally posted by Cbpstyle View Post
                  Thanx Bro!!! Yea your prob right they prob call for ppl every 2 mths. My brother is an CBPO in Miami he said they are in need ESP with the new international terminal being built.... So I think I will put my 2 wks April 16th he told me it shouldn't be long before I get called , less then a month
                  No need to quit just yet Bro. You'll generally get the call at least a few weeks before your expected EOD. I was able to negotiate my EOD date due to my employer requiring a 30 day notice in order to get my vacation payout. MHC had absolutely no problem with it whatsoever.


                  • Originally posted by Cbpstyle View Post
                    QUESTION: What do you do I fly to buffalo to visit, how do i carry my duty weapon
                    I'm not discussing firearms policy on an open board like this.

                    I'll say this though, don't be looking for good firearms policy advice on this board. Nobody seems to know it all that well.

                    There's a new firearms in the pipeline anyways. By the time you get to FLETC and graduate, it might be already be in play. Old policy or new, whichever policy that is in effect then will be drummed into your head at FLETC. You'll learn it all there.


                    • Originally posted by 1967gta View Post
                      No need to quit just yet Bro. You'll generally get the call at least a few weeks before your expected EOD. I was able to negotiate my EOD date due to my employer requiring a 30 day notice in order to get my vacation payout. MHC had absolutely no problem with it whatsoever.
                      like I said earlier, I don't want to work my 2 wks then only have 1 wk to prepare to be on Miami . Plus I'll prob drive to have my car with me. Also I want to spend time with my wife and son and my wife is on matt leave for a year and makes 800/wk


                      • And I rather be in Fletc before October so it's a little easier hahaha why work harder if u don't have to.... I know I know sounds lazy but I'm not . I'm currently working out and am in pretty good shape


                        • Originally posted by barnaj View Post
                          I dont understand the relevance of anyone (including myself) arguing or presenting facts and times in relationship to fitness in CBP or any other department. If they DO NOT make you stay in shape after finishing training, then what's the difference?
                          I am quite surprised from someone who has already been to FLETC would say such a thing. You know as well as I do that if a student is behind on PT, especially with the new changes coming up, he/she will not graduate regardless how good academically, firearms, etc. the person is. You wouldn't want to be that only person in class having to do re-medials and have your whole class wait on the side wishes you best of luck. I strongly encourage everyone whether you are already in TSU or just starting the hiring process to get in shape now! Being fit is important in this career as a stamp monkey at the airport (not so much) or working the drug infested southern border. True they don't require fitness after academy but I sure as hell want to go home every night. That is more than enough reason to start getting busy sweating.

                          On another note, we got our class 1 uniforms today and boy, the hat....
                          Last edited by Bizzy930; 04-02-2009, 10:34 PM.


                          • One good reason to stay fit on the job...somebody may be looking to ram a SUV down your throat...

                            2006...Texas PoE...

                            Officials shoot, kill teen
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                            February 26, 2006 - 12:00 AM
                            BY KEVIN GARCIA

                            The Brownsville Herald

                            February 26, 2006 - A chase for a suspected teenage auto thief early Saturday ended in his death after police and border officials shot him several times at the B&M International Bridge, Brownsville police said.

                            Edgar Ivan Lopez had moved here from Atlanta just three weeks earlier to live with relatives in East Brownsville. He was 17.

                            We are outraged for the way the kid was shot, Ovidio Serrato, the suspects uncle, said in Spanish. There are ways to detain an un-armed juvenile.

                            Brownsville Police Chief Carlos Garcia said police were investigat-ing a series of car thefts when they spotted two individuals enter a white Chevrolet Suburban at Omni Pavilion in the parking lot on the 1900 block of North Expressway midnight Saturday.

                            An unidentified 15-year-old male was detained at the scene, but Lo-pez drove off in the stolen vehicle, leading police officers on a city-wide chase, Garcia said. The arrested juvenile was not identified by police.

                            Travelling south on the 77/83 Expressway, Lopez exited on Sixth Street, following the frontage road to International Boulevard, turning left on that street, Garcia said. The vehicle turned again on Washing-ton Street, then 12th Street, heading toward the B&M bridge, Garcia said.

                            Several police officers, along with Customs and Border Patrol agents, were waiting for the Suburban when it arrived, causing Lopez to turn away in an attempt to avoid capture, Garcia said.

                            He hits the curb, goes into the gas station and goes back around, Garcia said. He tries to make a turn and get out of there but we cor-ner him.

                            He said agents laid Stop Stick tire deflation devices in the vehicles path, causing it to travel into the fence that separated north and southbound lanes.

                            Officers started approaching him on foot, Garcia said.

                            Lopez backed into traffic barriers and a golf cart before turning into another fence and toward a customs officer signaling him to stop, Garcia said. The agent got out of the way before suffering a serious injury, Garcia said, but officers felt the vehicle and driver had be-come a safety risk.

                            One customs agent injured his foot while escaping the vehicles path.

                            The vehicle accelerated towards CBP and BPD officers on numer-ous occasions, said Rick Pauza, spokesman for Customs and Border Protection. The driver was basically using the vehicle as a weapon. Our officers, to protect their safety and the safety of others, fired at the vehicle and were able to neutralize the threat.

                            Two police officers and three customs and border agents were in-volved in the shooting, Garcia said.

                            Once activity in the vehicle stopped, officers arrested Lopez.

                            He got hit several times, Garcia said. We were able to get him out of the vehicle, handcuff him, call emergency medical services, and they took him to the hospital.

                            Lopez was pronounced dead at 1:40 a.m. Saturday after arriving at Valley Baptist Medical Center with no vital signs.

                            Traffic at the bridge resumed at 9:25 a.m.

                            Serrato said the family was aware Lopez had fallen with a bad crowd and were worried about his future.

                            A friend offered him money to steal a vehicle; we dont know why he accepted, he said. He came three weeks ago to live with us. He had a car, just got a job. He had a payroll check. We just dont under-stand why he accepted must be inexperience.

                            Brownsville police had been on the lookout because of a series of recent car thefts.

                            For the past several weeks, weve experienced a serious auto-theft problem in Brownsville, Garcia said. Weve noticed that Chevrolet and GMC products are being stolen on average of three a day.

                            So far in February, 43 such vehicles were reported stolen in Brownsville most along the 77/83 Expressway.

                            Garcia said partly because of a confession from the 15-year-old in custody, police believe the pair to be linked to at least 15-20 other car thefts.

                            They expect to make arrests soon of other individuals connected with the suspects and to additional car thefts, Garcia said.

                            Representatives from the district attorneys office visited the bridge later in the morning to talk with officers and other witnesses. The attorneys office could not be reached for comment Saturday.

                            The investigation of the incident will be handled primarily by the Brownsville Police Department before information is turned over to state officials, but an internal review of the incident is being con-ducted internally by Customs and Border Protection.

                            Investigators would not say how many shots were fired or how many times Lopez was hit.

                            We want to make sure we account for every round for every offi-cer, Garcia said.

                            The stolen Suburban is considered evidence, with multiple bullet holes and other severe damage, but it could be returned to its owner following the investigation.

                            Lopez had no weapons or drugs on his person but had a screwdriver and other tools that could be used to steal vehicles, Garcia said.

                            Employees of the Brownsville and Matamoros bridge were told by officers to defer all public inquiries to the Brownsville Police De-partment.

                            The family is just looking for answers.

                            We want a full explanation of what happened, (but) nobody wants to say anything, Serrato said. They know they made a mistake.

                            [email protected]

                            Santos Garcia of the Brownsville Herald contributed to this article.


                            Just think how it may have turned out had all involved not been fit enough to get out of the way of this wacko in the suburban?


                            • So from what I've read there will be some entry lvl job announcement coming soon. Is this just word of mouth or is it true?


                              • If anybody cares to read up on the Lopez incident...here's a list of relevant articles from the Brownsville Herald.



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