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    • I’ve been in the hiring process for over two years and waiting for the BI to clear for 7 months now. Today the status of my BI changed from “ in progress” to pending and also my Polygraph changed from Complete to Pending. I passed the polygraph ten months ago. Anybody knows what’s up with that?


      • Here is a look at my timeline so far for anyone's reference, I will update as soon as i get THE CALL.

        Applied: 12/7/17 18-3 Regular Announcement
        Entrance Examination: 12/18/17
        NOR: 01/10/18
        TO: 01/17/18 for GS5/GS7
        Medical 01/23/18
        Started and submitted E-QIP: 1/27/18
        Fitness test: 03/02/18
        EQIP Rejection and fixed: 03/14/18 and 03/16/18
        EQIP release to OPR: 03/21/18
        SI: 05/02/18 NOR Passed on 05/03/18
        Poly: 09/11/18 Verbal pass
        Transcript request and sent:09/12/18
        Fingerprint card request :09/21/18 (fingerprints at SI were "NO BUENO")
        Pre-field investigation EQIP re-certification request: 10/10/2018
        Released to OPR :10/12/2018
        1st BI Meeting: 11/13/18
        2nd BI Meeting: 11/23/18- BI submitted 11/27/18
        NOPA request: 05/03/2019 Submitted on 05/15/19
        Cleared BI: 7/9/19
        Request for medical re-certification 07/16/19 submitted on 0718/19
        Drug test: 7/17/19
        Passed drug test: 7/26/19
        Got the call: .....
        EOD: ......
        Academy: .....


        • Does anyone here live in MSP and can provide housing for 2 weeks. I need to be there by November 4th to EOD the next day.


          • raudy06 In the “Phone Call” If the preferred location are not available, and they offer you other different locations that you’re not looking for, Do you have to accept that location, or you have the option to go like Stand by until your preferred location becomes available?

            Anyone know how “LOCATION NEGOTIABLE” works?


            • obek-kobe17
              obek-kobe17 commented
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              That question make me think, what's if not available a "Preferred Location" lol.

            • Hal29
              Hal29 commented
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              As far as I know location negotiable means you can request locations that are not posted and negotiate other locations other than your preferred. As for being on standby? I've heard of people doing so but God only knows how long you have to wait. They might request that you apply to a new announcement with your desired location.

            • douglasgene1
              douglasgene1 commented
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              They will try to put u at the place they need u. Tell them u want certain places. They will prob say there isn’t a spot available. Tell them okay call me when it’s available. They will call u a few days later with better options

            • merlin436
              merlin436 commented
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              Many questions have multiple answers...especially with the passage of time and changes. I suspect this is one of those "it depends" answers that change based on the needs of the service and the whims of the people doing the hiring.

          • Originally posted by raudy06 View Post
            That's a good question I'm not entirely sure . obek-kobe17
            LOL Thanks brother. There's somebody in the Forum, can answer this question for us?


            • Hey guys I received a tentative offer as a GS9 currently have 4 years on LE . Today I received a SI date . Any recommendation ?
              EXAM # 1320
              LIST # 15**
              EXAM DATE JUNE 25, 2011


              • Original Announcement 18-12 GS9
                Reapplied to Announcement 19-6 GS-9
                Appiled: March 2019
                Fitness Exam: Completed September 2018
                Euip Sent to OPR: April 2019
                Medical Exam: Completed May 2019
                Structured Interview: Completed September 2018
                PolygraphPending) was told to get a call next month been waiting since April
                Background InvestigationIn Progress)
                Drug TestIn Progress)
                Final OfferPending)

                CBP Background Investigation Unit number:‭(952) 857-2914‬


                • fonzi7979
                  fonzi7979 commented
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                  I’m in the same boat waiting to have my Polygraph exam scheduled. That number you called were they able to help you clarify the status of your application.

                • Keee562
                  Keee562 commented
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                  Yup sure did

                • Sspence861
                  Sspence861 commented
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                  I’m in the Exact same boat, original 18-11, now 19-6, applying from Key West, hoping Blaine, WA.

              • ................
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                • dominicano just prepare for how easy it is compared to any oral board you did for local LE. Common sense questions, especially for LEO’s and way more relaxed.


                  • Does anyone know if your application can expire in two years without receiving any call? I have two months left until my two years applications is up and I haven’t heard anything. My BI still in progress after 9 months. So I still have the BI in progress, drug test and the call and only two months left. It’s really frustrating.


                    • Alright another question about the SI since I got my scheduled date as-well, late August.

                      Now I know some stuff is simply not meant to be disclosed but when it comes to the SI, you guys say common sense questions and whatnot, but would these questions also be considered something we should definitely "remember our responses to" say when it gets cross-checked at Poly?

                      Not implying to lie, but lets say you say that you like the color blue but then during poly you say light blue. Something along those lines? Just trying to prep.


                      • Stevent518
                        Stevent518 commented
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                        The questions are scenario based as stated on their website. I didn’t encounter any questions that were anything other than hypothetical situations.

                      • Coderedpl
                        Coderedpl commented
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                        Stevent518 fair enough, so it is indeed like their site says so.


                    • Update: I received "the call" today! My Eod is November 15th! I decided to use my 24 hours to pick a location. We are thinking EL Paso Texas! Does anyone have any recommendations?


                      • Hal29
                        Hal29 commented
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                        Didn't know el Paso was an option.

                      • Lapantoja11
                        Lapantoja11 commented
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                        What announcement are? Im from el paso and would love to stay here!

                      • Danieldv9
                        Danieldv9 commented
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                        Congrats, Which port did you get offered exactly? I got the call a month ago but el paso wasn’t available so i chose the NM Santa Teresa

                      • SpenserJ9
                        SpenserJ9 commented
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                        They didnt specify a port, just El Paso. I'm assuming the port will be random, due to El Paso having three ports Danieldv9

                    • Recent PFT takers**** is it a pass fail? or scored for push ups and sit ups. the website is not updated for the new regulations.


                      • BowMan2006
                        BowMan2006 commented
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                        Its pass or fail, 20 situps, 12 push ups and the 5 minute step up test on a 12" step. Don't take the 5 min step lightly, its not hard but it can catch you off guard.

                    • @ 19-2 applicants for JFK port. I am wondering if anyone has received a call or email for the polygraph exam. I am in for 16 weeks since completing and passing the SI. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Good luck to all in this process.


                      • BenGrynsztajn
                        BenGrynsztajn commented
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                        19-7 JFK here, no word on Poly either, probably gonna take a while

                      • MattyjayG
                        MattyjayG commented
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                        Polygraph 6/13 and 7/6 passed 7/9

                      • corsair
                        corsair commented
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                        19-4 EWR originally and I'm almost 20 weeks since passing SI

                      • David1984
                        David1984 commented
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                        19-2 regular announcement
                        Poly:6/24 and 7/16
                        Poly passed: 7/19

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