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  • I think I know the answer already but none of what we do for this process carries over to other departments? i.e sheriffs department


    • Talonderiel
      Talonderiel commented
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      Not likely. Usually local agencies have their own process and will not accept anything short of security clearance with poly.

      Good news though, local agencies' hiring timeline are 4 - 8 months lol. There are a few people here who have had 2 yr careers with local agencies before finishing the process for CBP and accepting an EOD.

    • xknuckles
      xknuckles commented
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      I picked NYPD and CBP the two most longest processes probably haha

  • DH 18-2

    MOVING AGAIN! Finally... scheduled poly for next Friday. 14 months down so far in the process in total.


  • Any one been to Glynco recently or know what is expected of us physically while at Glynco? Is there a fitness test that we are required to pass for the job while at Glynco? If so i assume it is the 1.5mile run, what time do I need to beat?

    It says "Fitness Graduation Standards of a two timed runs, push-ups, and a sitting flexibility reach." but I was wondering if anyone had the numbers! Thanks!
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    • Hal29
      Hal29 commented
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      Website says 15:55 or at least did.

    • OKCsparrow
      OKCsparrow commented
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      Just checked. Website says 15 mins or less

    • cepstein93
      cepstein93 commented
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      that 15:55 was for the now defunct PFT2, the FGS is 15 min or less...they will fail you if you get 15:01 on the final one

    • Hal29
      Hal29 commented
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      15 mins or less. That is a pretty quick time. Gotta start training even harder. Gotta be hard chasing people down to stamp that passport or visa.

  • It has been a long process and this is my second time applying but here is my time line.
    4/9/18 Applied
    4/27/18 NOR
    5/4/18. Tentative Selected
    5/8/18. EQIP
    5/17/18. EQIP rejection
    5/18/18. EQIP rejection
    5/22/18. EQIP released
    5/22/18. Medical and PFT 1
    6/18/18. SI
    6/19/18. SI results passed
    7/16/18. Additional medical info requested
    7/27/18. Additional medical info received
    8/2018. Medical cleared
    12/11/18. Emailed with poly schedule 12/18/18
    12/18/18. Poly exam (messed up on one section)
    2/1/19. Emailed to redo poly 2/14/19
    2/14/19. Poly # 2 passed
    2/21/19. Poly passed updated on cass
    3/4/19. Called to schedule Drug test
    3/5/19. Drug test
    ????? Background( was told it is at OPR review)have a current TS clearance.
    3/6/19 TSU
    3/7/19 Equip recertification
    ????? Final offer
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    • ajs0922
      ajs0922 commented
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      Evolution81 I did sign the provisional clear as I knew that my background would clear as my top secret is current. The only thing that slowed me down was the fact that by the time my medical cleared they told me that it was a 3 months wait before I would be scheduled for polygraph.
      Forgot to mention I’m VRA 18-6 and CBPO 18-7 then reapplied to 18-12.

      I dont know about anyone else but I have not received any email communication since August when I reapplied for the CBPO. Got email for poly with schedule for week later but nothing saying I passed. I called the general CBP hr number and that’s when they told me that my background was already being reviewed by OPR even though I have not been contacted by investigator.

    • Talonderiel
      Talonderiel commented
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      AJS0922 have you checked the app/CASS for your status? I tend to see mine update there before I receive any emails.

    • Mkebdani
      Mkebdani commented
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      Let me get this right if you dont mind. My cass shows drug test is "in progress". I have not received a call or email about scheduling one. So can I call and schedule one myself?

    • ajs0922
      ajs0922 commented
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      Mkebdani no you can’t call to schedule your drug test they will call you I think it just so happen that after I called to check status I was called to schedule my drug test.

      Talonderiel I do but I was told that cass / app only updates once a week. I just called and the individual I spoke to stated that my application was referred to TSU for a final offer so in other words I was placed in TSU and now waiting for final offer.

  • Any one on here who got “the call” going to Miami or was Miami a choice I know that in November it was a choice for the CBPO application. Just wondering since I’m close to the end what are the options that are out there.


    • O_rod86
      O_rod86 commented
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      I wanted Miami, was told it’s not available:/ She basically mentioned all the locations on the current post.

  • So I’m at 38% on the app.

    I have a green checkmark on Fitness, Medical and Structured Interview. My EQIP was the first thing that I turned in but it’s still “In Progress”.

    I was wondering if I’m currently waiting for my EQIP to have a green checkmark before being scheduled a Polygraph. Or am I currently waiting to be scheduled a Polygraph right now at 38%?

    When should my EQIP have a green checkmark? Is this normal?
    Last edited by SPX; 03-05-2019, 03:56 PM.
    CBPO 19-2

    Applied: 11/2018
    Written Test & NOR: 12/2018
    Turned in EQIP: 02/2019
    SI: 02/2019 (Completed/Green ✓)
    Medical: 02/2019 (Completed/Green ✓)
    PFT-1: 02/2019 (Completed/Green ✓)
    EQIP Sent To OPR: 03/2019
    Polygraph: 07/29/2020 (Completed/Green ✓)
    Resubmit EQIP To OPR after Polygraph: 08/11/2020 (Completed/Green ✓)
    Resubmit Fingerprints: 08/11/2020
    Met with Background Investigator: 08/25/2020
    Background Investigation: In Progress
    Drug Test: In Progress
    Final Offer: Pending


    • N.N.
      N.N. commented
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      When did you apply, and when did you submit your eQip? Have you heard any updates from your case manager at all?

    • SPX
      SPX commented
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      N.N. I submitted it way back February 3, it was due on February 5. I haven't heard anything since, nothing from my case manager either.

      My case manager should be all the way at the bottom of the first e-mail confirming to send in my EQIP before the due date correct? With the e-mail of “bibox(insert number here).cbp.dhs.gov?

      If so I just sent them a e-mail asking for an update why that’s taking long to turn green. Not sure if I’m waiting for that first to turn green before even waiting for call to schedule a Polygraph.
      Last edited by SPX; 03-05-2019, 06:53 PM.

    • javi87
      javi87 commented
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      That might help answer your question. Your sf86 aka eQIP isn’t your typical background check. It’s to grant your clearance, whether it’s secret or top secret. I had one done mid 2018 after submitting my stuff June 2017 for the military. It takes time... ALOT of time. Welcome to the hurry up and wait lifestyle.

  • What’s up everyone?

    I am just wondering if anyone got their final letters yet with EOD dates around Apr 4th.
    DH 18-7
    5/04/18: Exam
    5/9/18: NOR
    6/11/18: Medical
    6/12/18: Fitness
    6/20/18: SI
    9/20/18: Polygraph
    9/24/18: BI cleared
    10/02/18: Drug Test
    10/02/18: TSU EMAIL
    10/03/18: Offer GS7 SWB
    EOD: Feb 22nd, 2019
    03/09/19-07/15/19 (I Turned it down)
    10/01/18:19-1 (Queens, NY)
    10/12/18: Exam
    10/23/18: NOR
    10/29/18: TSL
    11/21/18: Phone Call (JFK) EOD 04/04/19
    FLETC 4/19 - 08/23


    • mobyfish
      mobyfish commented
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      LMC I think there was this guy who was faster. I also think if I didn’t apply for the Poly waiver it might’ve been faster.

    • douglasgene1
      douglasgene1 commented
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      looks like we are going to the same class sir, no i have not got my EOD paperwqork yet. I heard they dont send them to you until 2 weeks from start date via email

    • DMC1988
      DMC1988 commented
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      Did you already have your background done by another federal agency? mobyfish

    • mobyfish
      mobyfish commented
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      DMC1988 OPM conducted a BI about a year prior, after which i got my TS/SCI fully adjudicated. If I’m not mistaken, OPM also does BI for CBP?

  • Overall, how is the written exam for the GS 5 ? any advice on preparing for it?


    • mobyfish
      mobyfish commented
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      It’s the same exam for GS5/7 but as far as study materials go, just study the information they send you in your email once you register for the exam. It’s literally the exact same stuff.

      Last edited by mobyfish; 03-05-2019, 04:26 PM. Reason: The link for the study guide.

    • nj1993
      nj1993 commented
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      thank you, appreciate it

    • standtheman
      standtheman commented
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      nj1993 just study it and you will learn how to do the test... the most difficult part for me was logical reasoning test.

  • Can someone tell me if these are good for the academy..
    appreciate the feedback


    • bonds525
      bonds525 commented
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      You need some polishable boots

    • javi87
      javi87 commented
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      Where I get some of my military gear.

    • Hopejoy
      Hopejoy commented
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      Last edited by Hopejoy; 04-02-2019, 11:10 PM.

    • Evolution81
      Evolution81 commented
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      bates gtx thank me later..ive worn them for years...they last 2 years in some rough environments...waterproof...side zip not too hot in the summer...composite toe/polishable

  • Question for anyone currently still active mil or guard. Has your current e-Qip helped speed up your BI or helped with the process at all?


    • javi87
      javi87 commented
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      Negative, even tho I applied for regular instead of VRA.....

    • Alpha0556
      Alpha0556 commented
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      Not in anymore but i have an active clearance. Since the clearance is DoD and not DHS, i was told by the BI it does absolutely nothing for the adjudication process with CBP....

    • Talonderiel
      Talonderiel commented
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      Alpha0556, well that sucks.... I hadn't heard that yet. :\

  • Current timeline. These are just month and year since I don't remember the exact dates.

    VRA 18-3

    01/2018 Initial application
    01/2018 Test and NOR (GS5)
    01/2018 eQIP
    02/2018 Medical exam and PFT1
    02/2018 PFT1 passed
    03/2018 eQIP rejected
    03/2018 eQIP corrected and sent to OPR
    05/2018 SI with NOR (passed)
    06/2018 Further medical documentation requested (4 months after original medical exam)
    06/2018 Medical documentation received by CBPHiringMed
    03/2019 Further medical documentation requested (yes again and yes that is 9 months after I sent in original documentation)
    ?????? Final medical clearance
    ?????? Polygraph
    ?????? BI
    ?????? Drug test
    ?????? Final offer/TSU/EOD, etc.


    • Luckyjack90
      Luckyjack90 commented
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      I thought I had a right to complain and I’ve only been waiting 7 months since my initial medical appt. Dude you gotta call someone.

    • SmokeScreen07
      SmokeScreen07 commented
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      Luckyjack90 Damn man I thought I was one of the few ones still waiting, I just hit over 5 months. When I emailed them, they said they haven't even gotten to my file yet.

    • gaston
      gaston commented
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      Tentative Selection Letter-2/8/18
      Eqip Submission-2/12/18
      Release EQIP to OPR-3/16/18
      Passed SI-4/24/2018
      Request for more Medical Info-5/16/2018
      Emailed CBPMedical with more information-6/6/2018
      Passed Medical-11/1/2018 (Notice the 5 months in between)


      As you can see... I feel your pain

    • Anthony_525
      Anthony_525 commented
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      Wow that is crazy. Reading this had me worried, but my medical just cleared today. Exactly one week from my exam day

  • Senor_Davis not at all unfortunately. If you had a TS with a polygraph and still had read in than you would qualify for a poly waiver. Hal29 I am 17-10 I believe 9/1/17.


    • Anyone else have any tattoos on their neck? I have small Chinese lettering below my right ear. No bigger than a square inch. I got it in 2006. My brother in law told me to consider getting it removed because BP just kicked a girl from the academy for having a tattoo on her hand.
      Last edited by Tremellio; 03-06-2019, 04:22 PM.
      CBPO 18-11
      Preferred Duty Location: El Paso, TX
      5/04/18: Exam
      5/09/18: NOR
      6/29/18: Fitness Test
      6/29/18: Medical Evaluation
      7/02/18: Fitness Cleared
      7/05/18: Medical Cleared
      7/13/18: E-QIP Submitted
      8/07/18: E-QIP Rejected & Resubmitted (Added FS-545)
      8/13/18: E-QIP Rejected & Resubmitted (Added Documentation of Mother's Citizenship)
      8/15/18: E-QIP Released to OPR
      8/15/18: Structured Interview & Fingerprints
      3/10/19: Polygraph

      Drug Test: Pending


      • Evolution81
        Evolution81 commented
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        ima be truthful either cover it up or get it removed since its on your neck....plenty of vets have tattoos that are leos but they can usually cover it up.......you dont want to give them any reason to dq you...i dont believe the hand tattoo there is more to the story then that

      • Tremellio
        Tremellio commented
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        Evolution81 yea, I'm gonna go him up a place on Friday and start getting it lasered off.

      • merlin436
        merlin436 commented
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        The BP has their own policy with regards to tattoos. Universally, pretty much anything offensive or gang related will be an issue.

    • For CBPO 19-3 people. Any news for moving on to poly guys?


      • anythingicanbe
        anythingicanbe commented
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        I’m 19-1 and haven’t heard anything. I know a guy who works for my agency whose been waiting about a year.

      • MattCBP
        MattCBP commented
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        I'm 19-3 as well, I submitted my Poly waiver and it got approved but I haven't heard anything else, have you completed your SI yet ?

    • REFERRED TO TSU...FINALLY!!!!!!! *Pops a Bottle


      • V_AntCBP
        V_AntCBP commented
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        Congrats man, Evolution81

      • Evolution81
        Evolution81 commented
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        Appreciate it bro

      • Hal29
        Hal29 commented
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        Evolution congrats man. It has been a long time coming. Must be excited. Finally!!!!!

      • Evolution81
        Evolution81 commented
        Editing a comment
        Appreciate it !!

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