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  • delete please


    • How long is the CBP academy from start to finish in Glynco with and without having to take the Spanish course?


      • N.N.
        N.N. commented
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        It’s 89 work days (ie not including weekends/holidays). All in all just around 4 months without Spanish.

      • JPOL
        JPOL commented
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        How's campus life?

    • Question...

      I applied for BPA DH 18-10. I'm waiting my medical to clear after having to see the optometrist and also for my polygraph to be scheduled.

      I'm about to be reassigned to day shift at my current job. Have any of you been scheduled for a poly, SI, or any other exam and not been able to attend?

      I'm curious if they will work with you in rescheduling to a date that will work. I'm scared to death that I'm going to be scheduled for my polygraph on a day that I work since I'm going to day shift. I'm about five months in now and I REALLY want to get hired!


      • vik2500
        vik2500 commented
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        When I was scheduled for my polygraph I was given a few different dates to choose from. Most of the time they email/call you about two weeks in advance so you have time to make travel preparations if you need too.

    • so do we do math problems during FLETC? asking for a friend. lol


      • ES90
        ES90 commented
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        Sure don't. There may be one or two times you use math incidental to some other problem but there's nothing math specific. The only time I've used math on the job is to calculate duty on imported cars and liquor. Which is good considering I'm math challenged.

      • raudy06
        raudy06 commented
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        ES90 thanks bro, and me too. i had a hard time on the math part back when i passed my written.

    • My fitness exam is next week. So far, every week as been something new. I'm trying to knock out as much as I can before the holidays.

      CBPO 19-1 GS-7

      Applied- 10/30/18
      Exam- 11/01/18
      NoR- 11/05/18
      TO- 11/09/18
      e-QIP submitted- 11/14/18
      Medical- 11/19/18
      e-QIP released to ORP- 11/20/18
      PFT- 11/26/18
      SI- 12/03/18


      • im VRA

        Got the call for BPA today, still waiting for CBPO to call, i assume tomorrow i will get there call.

        They told me since im VRA that most of all the South border is open, when i requested Corpus they told me no. Il let ya'll know what they offer me for CBPO when they call =


        • KevinMO91
          KevinMO91 commented
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          How long from when you applied to when you got the Call? Did they call you before you BI was set was done or after? I'm still waiting for Polygraph results to change, I was told I passed so holding out hope. Im interested to see what EOD and FLETC dates you get

        • douglasgene1
          douglasgene1 commented
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          i applied in 09/2017
          medical cleared 062018
          BI started 09/2018
          cleared 11/17/2018
          BPA called job offer 11/20/2018
          CBPO- waiting until holiday passes i guess.

      • I took my medical exam and email came back requesting additional info for my vision portion.. I went to retake my vision test and my results came back 20/150 uncorrected (without my glasses) submitted the results and still awaiting finalization from the med dept.. Wondering if anyone knows my chances of getting cleared especially since the requirement is 20/100 and im looking at 20/150 for both eyes.. not far off but not quite there.


        • jdop7
          jdop7 commented
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          I was disqualified because my uncorrected is 20/200. My corrected (using contacts) is 20/20 and I pleaded but still got disqualified. I got LASIK and I reapplied. Every applicant varies. Some guy in this thread said that he had 20/300 in one eye and he is currently in the academy. So, it's honestly up to Med Review on whether or not they'll allow you to continue. Good luck!!

        • Bam2323
          Bam2323 commented
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          thank you! how long did your med review take to finalize?

      • Hoping my background clears before the end of the year. Already been 3 months.


        • Hello, yesterday I received a call from 9528572900. CBPO officer called to ask some questions about me (Single, Married...etc.) and if (DH or Regular Announcement) and if I had any questions about the remaining part of the process. Is this common? I've been reading the forum since I started and I haven't seen any mention of this.
          18-4 CBPO-CASS 63%

          01/22/18- Applied
          02/17/18- Entrance Exam
          02/22/18- NOR
          03/13/18- e-QIP submitted
          03/26/2018- Medical Exam
          04/05/18- e-QIP Rejected/Resubmitted
          04/12/2018- Fitness Exam
          04/13/18- e-QIP Rejected/Resubmitted
          04/26/18- BI Packet Sent to OPR
          06/06/18- SI
          06/07/18- SI NOR (Pass)
          11/02/18- Polygraph
          11/07/18- Polygraph NOR (Pass)

          In-Progress- Drug Examination
          Not Applicable- Fitness Exam 2
          Pending- Final Offer


          • KeepingFaith83
            KeepingFaith83 commented
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            I haven't heard anything like this either; however, sounds like they're getting ready to write up your final offer... Congratulations!

        • Any other 18-8 DH out there got scheduled poly yet?


          • It appears my PFT 1 was cleared. I am sitting at 50% on CASS. I am hoping I get the drug test and poly done before January. I am going to be pretty busy with a police academy come January. I would hate to miss time from an academy for a job that isn't guaranteed.

            CBPO VRA GS9 18-12 50%

            Sept 11- Tentative selected
            Sept 17- Selected
            Sept 17- Scheduled for SI
            Sept 18- Medical schedule for 9/28
            Sept 21 - eQuip turned in.
            Sept 24 - eQuip released to OPM
            Spet 28 - Medical
            Oct 1 - Reciprocity agility form turned in
            Oct 3 - SI
            Oct 4 - SI pass
            Oct 8 - Medical Clear
            Nov 19 - agility test completed
            Nov 21 - agility test pass

            Poly date - Pending
            BI- In progress
            Drug - In progress
            PFT 2 - NA
            Final Offer - Pending


            • striza
              striza commented
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              1RidgeRunner7 I plan on sticking to who ever takes me first and riding that wave until the next best thing. My goal is to go through with academy and still try to get into homeland which pays more too. I rather go with federal leo anyways

            • striza
              striza commented
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              KevinMO91 Hey kevin im 18-11 VRA GS9 im curious did they call or email you to schedule poly? Also if they did call was the number blocked or unknown? Thanks. I'm going nuts refreshing and deleting emails

            • 1RidgeRunner7
              1RidgeRunner7 commented
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              KevinMO91 Thanks, that was helpful. I am hoping they can work with me if they need anything from while I am at the academy. I understand there are deadlines for certain things, but if I cant meet them then I cant. I want to take this police academy with me if DHS decides to hire me.

              I am sure you know a police academy can open doors with other departments, as a lateral. I have been on the fence about whether I should go to the federal LE side or stay in local LE. Decisions decisions decisions.....Best of luck to you gents. keep me updated.

            • KevinMO91
              KevinMO91 commented
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              striza they called me then followed up with an email for both polygraphs

          • I GOT THE CALL!!

            They always choose the perfect time to call me and I know its them because it's usually a blocked number.

            Anyways, I don't know what other locations they are willing to offer because I only care about jFK and that's what I asked for. If anyone really wants to know, when I call them back on friday to finalize I can ask them to tell me the locations that are currently available.

            The earliest dates they could offer me was EOD April 4th and FLETC April 19th-August 23rd.

            I also asked for dates after July 19th because I'm getting married on July 19th and the best they could do after that was EOD August 23 and FLETC September 9th-January 22nd.

            Once I talk to my soon to be wife, we will decide which is the better option.. I prefer to start sooner rather than later but then that means I have to beg them to let me leave after courses on a thursday because the wedding is on a friday and then back to FLETC on a Sunday.

            Anyone currently at FLETC ever took a friday off to have a three day weekend?

            DH 18-7
            5/04/18: Exam
            5/9/18: NOR
            6/11/18: Medical
            6/12/18: Fitness
            6/20/18: SI
            9/20/18: Polygraph
            9/24/18: BI cleared
            10/02/18: Drug Test
            10/02/18: TSU EMAIL
            10/03/18: Offer GS7 SWB
            EOD: Feb 22nd, 2019
            03/09/19-07/15/19 (I Turned it down)
            10/01/18:19-1 (Queens, NY)
            10/12/18: Exam
            10/23/18: NOR
            10/29/18: TSL
            11/21/18: Phone Call (JFK) EOD 04/04/19
            FLETC 4/19 - 08/23


            • V_AntCBP
              V_AntCBP commented
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              Alexr3496 Maybe depend on port? they give you different dates... i dont know, their standards and time line are all over place... so we won't really know... Hal29 , yea man, mobyfish is lucky as heck... everything fast for him... his process was smooth even after reapplying.... oh well, all we can do now keep waiting....

            • ES90
              ES90 commented
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              You can only miss a certain amount of class hours at FLETC before you get the boot. I don't remember how many, 24hrs maybe? That time is probably better suited for sick time, injury recovery etc. Do you want to take that risk? You have to make up everything you miss after class time.

            • mobyfish
              mobyfish commented
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              ES90 I only plan on missing one day.. so i should be fine. I'm not injury prone or anything and I don't get sick. *knock on wood*

            • striza
              striza commented
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              Congrats and thank you for this magic timeline of yours. Keep us posted on JFK! Thinking on trying to get in there when i get the call.

          • Any 18-3 still waiting on poly date? Passed medical 8 weeks ago after a couple months wait. I was excited until realizing it would be another couple months waiting for poly. Almost a year in...definitely discouraging.


            • Elgin_87
              Elgin_87 commented
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              txm44 I been in the "process" for 14 months now. You're right, it is very discouraging. I am currently at 50% been there since May. Emailed them a couple of weeks ago and they stated this is the normal hiring process and everything is on track. I hoping, no news is good news.

          • Ok so any 18-7 applicants, I just want to put my status here. I applied in April of 2018, and the process went fast afterward. Went straight into medical and PFT 1. Passed SI in July. Then my medical got kicked back because I was diagnosed with anxiety. I had to pay a LOT of money out of pocket to have a federal law enforcement fit for duty eval completed by a shrink specializing in this area. The report, just as I knew it would, stated I am 100% fit for duty. That was submitted back in August.....CASS still sitting at 38%......crickets chirping. I am certain my medical will be a go. Just.....waiting.....on.....the.....poly.......... ....


            • Evolution81
              Evolution81 commented
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              i had to do the same thing due to anxiety/taking welbutrin 400 out my pocket...youll be alright im already passed the polygraph phase

            • Alexr3496
              Alexr3496 commented
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              Same boat did initial medical Oct last year additional request for info Feb, then another request in aug... Still waiting lol 14 months in

          • Here to gain some insight, would a separation from a police academy due to a PT failure deem me unsuitable in the hiring process? I know you have to report all jobs you've been fired for and explain why. I'm having a hard time passing my run time due to shin splints. I know the only way to truly find out is to apply and see.


            • merlin436
              merlin436 commented
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              I don't believe such a past failure would, as a matter of normalcy, be an automatic and insurmountable roadblock.

              Like you said...you know the only way to truly find out.
              Last edited by merlin436; 11-22-2018, 10:28 PM.

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