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  • For everyone taking the test you might think 5 hours is long but it's not enough. This as by far the hardest civil service exam I had ever taken. I hated having timed sections and in some sections I only got to 20 out of 30 questions before time was up. I'm a slow test taker which is why it was extremely difficult. Oh and the proctors! they're so friggin strict. They told us that if we wrote on the exam we would be charged and our grades wouldn't count. My advice to anyone is to write a,b,c,d on a separate sheet and cross them out till you come to a final answer because you will forget what answers you eliminated if you don't. I ended up getting a 75 and thought I didn't have a chance in hell to be selected but a year later I received my TSL and now I'm in the process for the job. Oh and btw I took a 9 hour bus to New York City and back the same day to take this test. It sucked but I was a poor college kid so I had no other choice.


    • Hidalgo is a good place to work, and McAllen is a much better place to live than Eagle Pass. You are close enough to the Coast, and McAllen is not the crappy border town that is Eagle Pass. Depending upon where you were in Oklahoma, the cost of housing will not be that far from what you are used to. Good Luck on the PFT2.
      Life is what happens while you are waiting for something better to come along.


      • Originally posted by OKfemale View Post
        Well I called MHC this morning and got my port changed from Eagle Pass to Hidalgo. I feel like Hidalgo will be a better fit for me. I have heard working at Eagle Pass isn't bad, but the life in Eagle Pass isn't too great. Since Hidalgo is really close to McAllen I believe I will be a lot happier with my possible living arrangements. I'm set to take the PFT2 on Sept 11 and EOD on Oct 7. I'm super excited to get this going!
        OK, good to see you made that move. Thats surprising that MHC was that willing to give you the option to make that swap. Did they give you a list of POEs you could go to instead of Eagle Pass or did you ask for Hidalgo?


        • Well, today was my last day with the PD. After all of these years it felt strange walking out the door with no badge or gun! I was fortunate in the fact I got to do one final ride with motor units from the county and the rest of our motor squad earlier this week for a big escort assignment. As anyone may have figured out, I was a motor officer (the reason my avatar has been motor officer wings!).

          I turned in my motor gear Wednesday and signed over my bike today, along with my patrol car and remaining equipment. No more take home car/motorcycle either now <sigh>. My team gave me a nice send off and a beautiful plaque that really touched me. Now on to new challenges!


          • Originally posted by TripleD View Post
            OK, good to see you made that move. Thats surprising that MHC was that willing to give you the option to make that swap. Did they give you a list of POEs you could go to instead of Eagle Pass or did you ask for Hidalgo?
            I had seen on here where somebody had previously swapped to I believe it was SYS and I had forgot about it until the other day and I was reminded about it. I just called and asked if anymore ports had come available since I had been called and they gave me the ports that were available now. I just wrote them down and thought about it and then called them back and chose Hidalgo. The girl sounded kind of annoyed by me, but oh well. Lol


            • Just got back from taking the test.

              Holy cheesecake was the math hard. None of the questions, except for maybe like one from practice book was on the test. Now multiply that by like 10.

              I was getting frustrated by not having enough time for the math portion that I had to guess on maybe like 2/3 of the section. Hell, wouldn't doubt it if it was more like a 1/3. If I had an extra hour for the math section, yeah, I could've taken more time and probably get them all right.

              As far as the rest of the test I think I did well on logical reasoning, and the grammar I'm sure I got a 100%. What about the last section of the exam that was like a questionaire? Does that factor into your score, too?
              CBP Officer

              02/28/14-TSL Received
              07/19/14-EQUIP Submitted
              07/22/14-Credit Report Pulled


              • Originally posted by WerkzRS View Post
                Hey Guys! Im scheduled to take the CBPO Exam Sept 16th. I took the mini practice exam when doing the appication....I have to admit, its was a bit difficult.I've taken other test but non feel as difficult as this one. I started reading the study guide, my biggest worry is math.....never was my forte. Who recently took the test this past Tuesday (27th)??? Please share your experience. Thanks!

                I took the exam on Aug 27. As stated before, I've taken many LE exams and this one is on a whole other level. Don't expect to be in and out...or think you'll finish within 2 hours and get to walk out. Each section of the exam is timed, so even if you finish early, you have to sit around and wait. I will say go over your grammar. We are so used to typing short hand in our texts that we forget the actual spelling of some words lol...Go over the math formulas...Use the study guide on the website. It will give you examples and it will break the answers down. Trust me, I thought I was taking the damn Regents lol. Once you go over the study guide, it will refresh your memory on things you've learned in high school. The day itself was a LONG day. Don't have anything planned after


                • Head's up and a wake-up call for some current CBPOs and applicants!!!

                  “I Made It Up” Does Not Cut It As a Defense
                  by Susan McGuire Smith | August 30, 2013

                  A federal air marshal facing removal for disclosing sensitive agency information online challenged the agency’s findings that what he disclosed was factual. He claims he made it all up and therefore cannot be fired for it. (Lacson v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration (C.A.D.C. No. 11-1447, 7/23/13))

                  Jose Lacson became a federal air marshal in 2002 and worked at the Miami office for eight years. Apparently not able to help himself, Lacson began posting as “INTHEAIRCOP” in an online forum known as Officer.com. He made no secret of his position as an air marshal and even used an official TSA badge as his avatar. He held forth on being an air marshal, what it’s like, what the TSA hiring practices are, how many marshals had been hired, where marshals were assigned, attrition rates, etc. (Opinion p. 3)

                  TSA discovered Lacson’s posts some five years after he began making them. When they traced the posts to Lacson, he admitted they were his posts. However, he swore that he had made most of the data up. He claimed he did not even know the real staffing data. The agency compared Lacson’s posts to its actual data and concluded that in fact much of what Lacson had posted was true. As a result Lacson was fired, citing release of “Sensitive Security Information” (SSI), misuse of government computers, and making “inappropriate statements” to the online forum. (p. 4)

                  Lacson fought the removal in two ways. He went to the Merit Systems Protection Board with an adverse action appeal, and he filed a separate appeal to the agency’s SSI program chief, arguing that he had not in fact released SSI.

                  The second appeal was decided first. The agency concluded that four of Lacson’s posts violated the agency’s prohibition against releasing SSI. At this point, Lacson had his MSPB appeal dismissed and pursued the SSI determination in federal court.

                  To make a long story short, the D.C. Circuit concluded it had jurisdiction to entertain Lacson’s appeal. It then concluded that the agency had substantial evidence to find three of Lacson’s four SSI disclosures were in violation of the law and affirmed the agency’s order with respect to those three disclosures. As the court stated, “Unfortunately for Lacson, determining the facts is generally the agency’s responsibility, not ours. And because substantial evidence supports TSA’s determination that three of the four postings at issue were true, we affirm….”

                  Presumably Lacson will go back to the MSPB where it must now be decided whether the three SSI disclosures affirmed by the court are enough to warrant removal.



                  To those who have thrown about 'internal' numbers and/or facts, it might be wise to silently acknowledge your mea culpas, apologize and 'cease and desist' from posting such things in the future.

                  People are watching...


                  • Poor Advice

                    Originally posted by albert7 View Post
                    some searching will help you find answers. going back 100 pages in here you will see quite a few detailed poly experiences.
                    also the DELPHI forums for Customs and BP will have plenty of poly responses so you can get even more feedback from there.
                    I recommend starting with Delphi if you don't want to go page by page in here.
                    I would recommend not cluttering your own experiences with everyone else's. I passed my polygraph by simply being honest. It was a bit embarrassing at times discussing poor choices in life and mistakes I can't change. I think reading about other people's experiences would have confused me!
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                    • Has anyone gotten an EOD recently in the northeast? if so what ports were you offered and what was your TSL date?


                      • Originally posted by Zhunter View Post
                        From what i was told it is VERY hard to move to a different region. I just started yesterday in Montana and it is dead. I was hoping to get in where i could and then transfer but they said the regions dont like losing officers to other regions. Even swaps are difficult. i started yesterday and i can honestly say i have not learned anything. We processed 13 cars in a 13 hour shift! Today so far 4. We sit around all day, hang out, and occasionaly we will see a car. I am considering all of my options but its not looking to good for me staying in CBP. South border is where all the action and learning is at. I heard the training at FLETC is awesome but unfortunetly i will not be able to use any of it when(IF) coming back to Montana. Just reapplied for the SWB.

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                        • Originally posted by OKfemale View Post
                          It was a tough decision because none of the ports offered were any of my top picks and not the best of options, but I chose Eagle Pass. I would have considered deferring, but I was already called before back in February; however, I was still in school so I couldn't accept. I picked Eagle Pass based on its location and its kind of close to San Antonio. Kind of. Lol I interned with the US Marshals and one of the deputies was a BP Agent in Laredo, so I called him and he told me that my best bet would probably be Eagle Pass. He said Presidio is kinda of like an arm pit in the middle of nowhere and that Calexico would have a high cost of living and since I was raised in Oklahoma I'm really not used to that. Also, with it being the first time I will actually be totally on my own and

                          paying for everything myself I'm not 100% sure about me learning to budget that good and that fast. Lol So I guess Eagle Pass it is and I will make the most of it. If anybody has any information on the Eagle Pass port that they would like to pass along to me I would love to hear it! Thank you in advance. Also, thank you everybody for all of the helpful information that has been posted on here and for the encouraging words that have helped me find my way to the end of this process (pending passing the PFT2). Good luck to everybody in the process still. Never give up on it, your time will come!
                          Congrats OK. I remember way back when-you said that you will be taking the pf2 in Dallas. It's way easy but be warned the track is indoors (good) but you have to run 12.5 laps since its so small. It was still pretty easy but a mind $%&* if you get my drift. Good luck and we'll see you at glynco.


                          • [QUOTE=Pointman8;3334997]Gijoevila,

                            I tried sending you a PM but you don't have it turned on. Just want to send something to
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                            • Originally posted by gijoeavila View Post
                              Congrats OK. I remember way back when-you said that you will be taking the pf2 in Dallas. It's way easy but be warned the track is indoors (good) but you have to run 12.5 laps since its so small. It was still pretty easy but a mind $%&* if you get my drift. Good luck and we'll see you at glynco.
                              Thank you and thank you for the info on the PFT2! Yes I will be taking it in Dallas on September 11. That small track will just kind of throw off your timing since not many people normally run on that size of a track on a regular basis. Lol If you don't mind me asking how do they have you run the 220 yard run? Is it also around that track? Thanks for all your help! Congrats on your EOD I hope you're enjoying it!


                              • I got the call... I am a little sad because of my options. I applied for Florida + PR + VI early last year. Today I received 2 port offers both located in the Virgin Islands. South Florida became my home after the military so my heart hurts on this decision to move back home to the Virgin Islands. Yes its my original home. I have 24 hours to pull the plug on this. Anyone else got the call? EOD 10-7-2013.
                                Geo: FL- U.S. Carib
                                CBPO Exam: 03/26/12
                                NOR: 97% w/ 5 vet 4/12
                                Med/PFT1: Passed 6/12
                                VBT/SI: Passed 11/12
                                Poly: Passed 2/13
                                Quals: 6/13
                                BI: 6/13
                                Drug Test: 7/13
                                TSU: 7/31/2013
                                PFT2: Passed 9/25/2013
                                EOD: 11/4/2013 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
                                FLETC: Class 341


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