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Dumb Reserve Officer Oral Board Question


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  • Dumb Reserve Officer Oral Board Question

    Okay, I'm applying as a reserve officer for a small Northern California PD mostly because I can't get hired on anywhere full-time thanks to my background issues, but also because I really want to work for this particular department.

    Now, I've talked to recruiters from other agencies about this and they said you should never spill the beans about background problems during the oral board. He said to let the background investigator make the decision, not the panel members. With that being said, I know that someone is going to ask why I'm applying for a reserve job instead of a full-time position. Without being dishonest and without being too upfront, how should I answer?

    I was thinking along the lines of "I really want to work for XYZPD, it's my first choice and I think I would have a better chance getting hired here by getting on as a reserve, putting in some time and developing a good reputation as an officer and then trying for a full-time job later, rather than to try and compete for one of the 3 full-time spots against 30 other applicants, most of whom are laterals, while I'm only an academy graduate." (Which is true)

    Another was "I'm going back to school to obtain my bachelor's and settling in to my current job and would like to be a reserve officer so I can keep my skills sharp but still concentrate on school and apply for a full-time spot once I graduate." (Which is also true)

    Or I could just be completely upfront and say "I have some background issues that have disqualified me from working at other departments, but I'm working very hard on correcting these issues and while I know you probably won't take a chance on me as a full-time officer, I would like the opportunity to become a reserve officer, not only to keep my certifications current and keep my skills sharp, but to develop a reputation as a great reserve officer, so once the time comes that I've not only fixed my problems, but also put them further in the past, hiring me full-time won't seem like a risk, but like a natural step."

    Any other answers/corrections/suggestions appreciated.
    *Not a cop*

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