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  • B.l.e.t.

    I am graduating from Appalachian State University with a BS in Criminal Justice and it seems like all the departments I have talked to say that I need to get my BLET because they want that knowledge for their prospect. Yet, I know these agencies have sent and paid for people in the past to get thier BLET. I guess my question is wehter or not to go ahead and get my BLET or to try to find a paying department. There are also Departments such as Winston-Salem, Charlotte, etc. who have their own academy. what is my best choice?

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    It just depends. Your right alot of departments require you are certified in order to apply. However, like you said the bigger departments do pre hire those not certified and run their own academy. So you just have to decide if you want to try to just get sponsord or hired and then go. My only advise is to put as many applications in as possible. Good Luck!
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      The real question is what agency do you want to work for? If you have your heart set on an agency, then do what they ask of you. If you are open for any agency, then follow BlessedIsHe's advice and apply, apply, apply. There are a lot of good agencies that will put you through BLET, mine included. Are you looking all over NC or just in the Western portion?

      I work for Concord PD, just northeast of Charlotte. We are a medium sized department in a fast growing city. I have a scanned copy of our recruitment brouchure if you are interested. Just drop me a private message if you want it.

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        My bias is look for agencies that will hire you and send you either to their own academy or to a BLET academy. BLET will take a minmum of 4 months, assuming you go full time. I am sure plenty of people have held down a job while attending BLET, but that will mean basically working 2 full time jobs at the same time. Due to the demand for police officers, more departments are willing to pay you to attend the academy.

        The one catch is, like the others mentioned, you are set on one area of the state, or one certain department. It seems that the large cities, and the very nearby communities, are more willing to hire without BLET certification. If you do not want to live or work near the large cities, find a BLET program.

        A final point, take the time to look for the right job. I have known too many people who took the first job they found, only to discover that pay raises were rare, the working conditions were undesirable, vacation time was very limited, etc. Look at starting pay, but also look at what you will be making in 3, 5 or 10 years. Does the department have an actual pay plan or do they give raises in a more piecemeal fashion. I know of one agency in the Charlotte area that has a published pay range that is quite decent, but nobody makes it to the top pay range before retirement. In short, police officers are in demand all over this state, so shop carefully for the job you take. Even if your pland are to stay for a few years and then look to the feds, plans sometimes change. You may find you like local policing, or end up married to somebody and moving is not practical, or a variety of other possibilities can arise. In short, look for the best possible job, then if you decide to switch jobs in the future, repeat the process.


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