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pro's and con's Texas to Florida


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  • pro's and con's Texas to Florida

    Live in the Dallas Texas area as a cop now and thinking of making the move for florida law enforcement. what do you think? I know cost of living is more but what about career and quality of life? i'm so tired of the rat race here...any advice ? thanks brother leo's..........

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    hey dude i have been both to dallas and florida to live for a while anyway. I think that if you move to florida if will be a good move. Texas is just different. The cost of living is better in Dallas or the surrounding areas but florida;s housing market is not close to what people make. People are moving to florida like me all the time. They can not build housed fast enough in central florida. the longer you wait the more the market is going to rise. Im no real estae agent or fortune teller but the market their is not going to go down either. People keep moving here and the hurricanes keep coming, that should tell ya something. Also the police jobs are plentiful here. Everytown is growing in every reigion maybe except the Northern Part. Just my 2 cents but florida is booming in every way. Texas seems a little stagnant.


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      [QUOTE=shaund44]Texas is just different.

      You're from the state that produced Ted Kennedy and John Kerry and say that Texas is different.


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        Lots of jobs down here in Fl. Just watch where you apply/move too. Some housing markets are out of control and no way in hell a cop can afford to live in some counties unless they rent for the rest of their life.


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          Most of Florida is about the same rat race, except most of the rats are from somewhere else..many outside the U.S. Housing prices are really becoming non affordable.. depends where you are talking in Florida... Avg Home Prices are 370k in west palm area, and now 255k in orlando.. and those arent for new homes either. You may want to check out Tallahassee PD. I went there for college and my parents still live there.. Its a small city with a really good department. The pay is great however cost of living is still not crazy.


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            Having lived in both places I'll tell you, the afternoon rain and sauna that you get in FL gets real old. Gators, not cool, not cool at all. FL rednecks, you thought you have seen rednecks in TX, you ain't seen nuthin' yet! Hurricanes, it is one big sandbar, it all gets hit. Humidity 99% and you always sweat, kind of like SoTX.

            OK, enough bashing of the state. Now some good things about FL. Randall made Knives is located in Orlando. Beaches and bathing suits, not much more explaination needed. Fast and fancy cars everywhere. Great beach bars to hang out at listening to Parrot Head cover bands. Did I mention beaches and bathing suits!

            FWIW, you could move down to the gulf of TX to a small, slow town and keep your TMRS retirement going and get most of the same things save except the fancy cars.
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