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  • written and video test

    First like to say hi and its my first time being here and ahead of time appreciate you taking time to answer

    Over the last year Ive signed up for the request to test a couple times, I've passed the written but the video test always gets me, kinda depressing some of the examples are very funny mind you. A packet gives you a brief explanation that basically says use common sense...so very little help haha.

    I do have common sense, but apparently not:P I'll admit that I have smoked weed once about 4 years ago, being 18 at the time. I've gotten a seatbelt ticket in texas which i would have contested but was moving back to alaska, so I had to pay or have a nice bench warrant or so I was told, waiting for me.
    payment was made

    Besides that my record is spotless and will remain that way. Basically my questions are is there anyway to study up on what is to be tested on? Reading reviews and posts I'm a little nervous for the oral review, lie detector test, psychological exam...plus the if you screw up having to wait two years is weighing heavily on me

    Like in 2001 my older brother was murdered, and I'll admit it disturbed me quite a bit and it took me awhile to get my bearing again.

    Is there such thing as being to honest? like yeah ive shoplifted when i was like 10, but no more. I've lied to my parents before but never to an authority, unless they can be considered that:P

    And hmm I guess lastly the good credit required...I dont have the best but not the worst, im like 630's or something, being a college student and all.

    I'm going to post the website for the anchorage police to give you some better insight for me, http://www.muni.org/apd1/officer.cfm

    Thanks again for reading and help if you can, I greatly respect the police in what they do everyday and hope one days to fill the ranks

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    Smoking weed once 4 years ago probably won't hurt you. They say within 3 years so you may be good there. As far as shoplifiting it says they will disqualify based on crimes of dishonesty which shoplifting is one of them. To get ready for the test you should brush up on basic reading comp. skills and minimal math. I think the worst part for you sounds like maybe the polygraph. You seem nervous about the process. Just tell the truth and you can't go wrong. A 630 credit score is not bad. Anything over 700-720 usually gives you excellent standing with any creditor so you are close to excellent credit which is the best. Just be yourself and don't lie and if that works then you are meant to be a police officer. If you lie or sneak the system like many on this forum try to do, then you aren't going to last long as a LEO. Good Luck in the future
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      yah I think the marijuana 4 years ago should be alright, it mentions something about and or if before the age of 21. Yeah I sure hope taking a candy bar when im ten doesnt DQ haha...I'll give the reading comp and math some more attention to see if I can get any improvements.

      The whole polygraph with being nervous, feeling like a guinea pig and worrying about stuff I shouldn't. Yeah I plan to be 100% honest in everything I'm asked just

      Thanks for the reply


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