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    You can also try using calf-shin supports...I posted a link on the ones that I have. I wear them while running and work great for me...



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      Originally posted by Dshutla
      ...I'm having the most aching on the side of my right leg, a little above my ankle...probably 3-4 inches up...i can definitely feel the muscle, because i rub bengay on it once or twice daily...
      That's your clue that it's not really shin splints, but Anterior Tibialis Compartment Syndrome (ATCS) . Use the search function here for the older shin splint threads and you'll find them both explained and differentiated pretty thoroughly, including different tips for training around both of them.
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          3 reasons why people get shin splints the most. Bad shoes, didnt stretch before running, out of shape with running.

          Dont over run, just work into it gradually. Always stretch before and after. When you go to Fletc you will see they will make you stretch before and after every work out to avoid injuries. Drink lots of water..when I say lots I mean at least 2-3 8 oz a day up to 2-3 12oz. Urine should be clear or almost clear.

          Try to avoid running in cold weather, if you do make sure you run with lots of warm gear on your legs. And if your not the best runner but your working into it...here is something helpful. Do squats. Do enough squats to build up your muscles around the knee. Not squats with weights. Just regular squats...go down as far as you can and do about 3 sets of 25. do 1 set of 25 then go for a run, stop halfway do 25 more...finish the run and finish the last set of 25. You will see that often im sure =P


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            Actually another reason behind shin splints is incorrect running form. Many people have a lumbering heel to toe running stride which is very stressing on the front portion of the shin. One technique I've discovered is running barefoot. This may sound strange, but think about it... why do the Kenyans and Ethiopians always have such strong Olympic long distance runners? One deduction has been because they are accustomed to running barefoot since money is scarce and so is athletic footwear. Running barefoot allows a more cushioned ball-heel-ball technique of the foot and also keeps the point of impact on the forefoot, directly underneath the center of gravity. This teaches a more efficient running stride and when shoes are required, it can be transferred over for invaluable advantages from decreasing knee and back strain and shin splints to being able to run longer distances with less effort. I guess it's just a suggestion but if you want to read more go to http://www.runningbarefoot.org

            Here's an excerpt from that website:
            "Over the years, your feet have been protected from exercise by wearing shoes. Obviously, our soles will be over-sensitive at first. But, perhaps less obviously, and more importantly, our entire foot structure has been weakened, even deformed, by the constant wearing of shoes.

            Therefore, it is very important to take plenty of time to strengthen, not just our soles, but also the entire foot structure. Focusing on learning HOW to run, instead of trying to build distance, at the beginning also gives our feet time to adjust, to strengthen, to regain a more natural level of sensitivity."

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