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Volusia County Sheriff's Office- FL


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  • Volusia County Sheriff's Office- FL

    Anyone have any information on this department in Florida?

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    Here is a website that might help.


    I looked into them about 2 or 3 years ago when I was looking to relocate to Florida. Seems like a good department but they pay seems pretty bad to me. That is just my opinion though. Hope that helps.


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      Pay is...well...HORRIBLE!!!
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        I see their starting pay is not all there and I was wondering if they have any retired officers from other agency's who came into there department and if they were started at a higher pay as opposed to entry level.


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          Well Pay may not be great but the area there is pretty moslty tourism towns and retirement areas over there. it varies from old cracker style Florida to Spring Break mayhem area. I hade a deputy who taught us in my academy who was from that agency and he said it was nice the only reason he moved was because he didnt want to raise his boys in the Spring Break Capital. I'll be over that way in April checking on a few things I can email any of you back with info or get some info from some of the deputies in that area. sorry it wont be any sooner though.
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