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  • Does this sound right?

    I recently went through the hiring process for the first time. Fist off I went through this process before I turned 21, I have never used any drug, no criminal history, one ticket when I was 16, I have a 720 beacon, and spent four years as an explorer. I scored about 94% on the written and was ranked 33 of 185. I then scored 98% on the physical. I had a background done, and completed an oral board mid January. After the oral board my detective took me aside and gave me a speech about how great of a candidate I am and how I should keep on, but they were not going to proceed with the process. He said he couldn

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    Yeah, definitely sounds like an age thing to me...


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      I would also concur with the age thing...


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        Could be the age thing or something they found out in your background? However, I would re-apply, that will not hurt you. The Detective was correct about not being able to state why you were not selected. I hope that they put that in writing for you as well?
        "An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, for an excuse is a lie guarded."


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          Yes they did state in their letter I recieved that they could not go in to specifics why I was not considered a "most competitive candadate."

          Also their is nothing in my background that should be any question. The only black mark I have in my life is a ticket for an crash when I was 16, that got defered anyways.


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            UNFORTUNATELY it is now a "buyers " market. There are many more people looking for LE positions then then are positions to fill.
            LOTS of PDs are concerned about hiring a newbie. the first time guy who has no PD work experience. I take it you would need to go to the academy at THEIR expense.

            Here is the deal, from having about 35 years in the LE end of the business. unless you are extremely fortunate to land the perfect job at the perfect place, the old "grass is always greener" syndrome is a very real threat to hit you in a couple of years. you will tend to look to another place that is bigger, smaller, busier, quieter, in a major metro area, in the country, in the wilds, or, gasp dare I say it, federal aspirations. By the time you have a few years on you are a very valuable commodity. Your department has spent a fair amount of money getting you to that point and you are just about to give them a return on their investment. you have training, You are certified, the rough edges are a little more smoothed and you are still trainable because you haven't been THat tarnished from being 5+ years at the same place. The people at the new department HATE to hear sentences started with "back at XXX we did it this way"

            THEN depending on the place we have to be honest, AA continually rears its ugly head no matter where you are. Do you fit the flavor of the day they need to show how "progressive" they are? The saying around our "house" was you were guaranteed a position if you were a black female lesbian buddist with AIDS.

            There are two ways of looking at this problem....
            hold out for your vision of the perfect place, you will not be certified and you won't have work experience and the longer you refrain from LE opportunities the less "dedicated" to the craft you may appear to them and you will STILL be somene they will have to invest heavily in...
            Take whatever opportunity you can to get work experience and training and certification on someone elses dime and THEN keep applying. I know lots of small department are under no ilusion they will keep officers if they can get better pay elsewhere and they accept they are a processing point for bigger and better things. Because of their size they usually qualify for grants of some kind for the training so it isn't as big a hit as it would be for some larger places trying to send 30 offiers at the same time.
            while looking GO TO SCHOOL and STAY IN SCHOOL until you get where you want to go. School is looked at quite favorably as opposed to working at Mickey Ds

            hope this helps.


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