Our Sheriff's Office is looking for someone to work as a Patrol Deputy in the small town of Alamo, NV. Look it up in your Rand McNally. Town population is 900, county about 4,200. 90 miles from Las Vegas and Las Vegas is the closest civilization.

This is a great opportunity for someone who loves rural policing but hasn't been fortunate enough to find a progressive and professional rural agency that pays a livable wage, (you won't get rich but you can pay the bills) or for somebody thinking of retiring and moving to a state where they can start a second pension and not pay state income tax on their first one. You'll even get to patrol the perimeter of the infamous area 51.

Alamo is a quiet town that lies in the Pahranagat Valley. It is a rich green, fertile, oasis farm community in the middle of the desert fed by a spring.

What makes this unique though, is nobody is real sure what the future holds here. Refer back to your road atlas again and see where Highways 93 and 168 junction as you are head toward Vegas. There is absolutely nothing there. However, a developer is just breaking ground on a new city right there that will be partially in Clark County (Las Vegas) and partially in Lincoln County. That's how Vegas started folks. I've heard nothing affirmative, but I've heard estimates that as many as 20,000 residents will be added on the Lincoln county side by 2007-2008. That will mean potential growth for our agency and potential promotional opportunites for the right people.

If you are interested or just curious drop me a line and I'll answer what questions I can. I do know they will not hire anybody that is not POST certified and preference will be giving to someone with rural policing experience or who at least has lived in a rural area for some length of time.