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    I recently found out that I have diminished color vision. I found this out by getting DQ'ed from a police agency, does anyone know if I will have the same results with most other agencies. Anyone know about Fire Departments or Probation/Parole Agencies? Any help would be appreciated.

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    You have asked this same question before. Yes, being colorblind will get you DQ'ed. However, each department, whether its a Fire or Police or Parole and Probation will have their own requirements. Which you will have to check out for yourself.
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      Get an eye exam listing exactly how color blind you are and take it to the recruiters for the departments you are interested in and ask them. They should be able to find out the information for you and it will save you and the departments a lot of time.
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        I had the same problem 10 yrs ago. I didn't know about my red/green color deficiency until I go DQ'ed from a LE agency. Though, not long afterward, I found an agency who had different requirements and I was able to get hired.

        It will definitely depend on police depts, probation, and fire depts. I have found that many civil service depts require normal color vision. Though, some smaller depts will allow you to have a certain amount, but not be totally color blind.

        Check with the depts you're interested in. Good luck.
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