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  • Expungement?

    An expungement from over five years ago has shown up in an ACS lookup from an incident approx. 11 years ago. The expungement was originally handled by a lawyer, which was paid for, and documents were recieved that show it was supposedly cleared by the judge of the municipality. The lookup stated nothing about an expungement, and the shoplifting incident was clear as day on the screen. Any ideas of how to handle this, detectives are saying that it is possible someone didnt do their job right...or that sometimes it may just still show up in history checks. Anyone shed light on this incident in NJ?? In the middle of trying to straighten it up with the lawyer, but waiting to hear back from him with his thoughts.

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    If the ACS (Alliance Credit Services, Inc.) lookup was concerning a law enforcement or corrections position you applied for, please note that pursuant to N.J.S.A. 2C:52-27(c) "Information divulged on expunged records shall be revealed by a petitioner seeking employment within the judicial branch or with a law enforcement or corrections agency and such information shall continue to provide a disability as otherwise provided by law."
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      im speaking of the acs/ats system through the pd. And im not really understanding the statute.


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        New Jersey law states that expunged records may still be used in certain contexts, including by law enforcement agencies to determine job suitability.

        In my experiences, each police department explained this topic in detail to make certain applicants know what their obligations are. If you apply outside New Jersey you should pay attention to the expunged records policy implemented by the police department to which you are applying.

        Here is a link on the topic:


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