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  • Life After 20 Years Of Service

    Hello. I am a Police Sergeant with the NYPD and was wondering if anyone here has continued law enforcement with another agency after they retired? I am retiring in about 4 years and would like to continue law enforcement in the capacity of a Sheriff's Department in the state of Florida. Anyone have any feedback or experience? Thanks.

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    I retired as a Sgt. with 20 yrs of service from a large city PD in Louisiana at the age of 44. It was great, felt like I had just completed a jail sentence. My monthly pension covers my health insurance and house hold bills, but I still need to work for "living money". I got into motorcycle sales for the first 8 months after retirement and made great money, but the civilian world just didnt fit me. I ended up missing being a PO, so I took a position as a University Police Officer at a mid-sized University where I live. It's a great job, with nowhere near the stress that I experienced working for the city PD. I do just enough LE to call myself a cop, and enjoy working with students instead of dedicated scumbags.

    Believe me, there is life after the PD, but be careful where you work at when you get back into LE. For me I didnt want the stress of dealing with the politics or problems of local LE. I chose to work for the state, which has civil service, and it has worked out well. In 10 yrs I can get another retirement check.

    Good luck on your retirement. Take it easy after you retire, you've earned it!

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