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Questions about Morrisville PD and Apex PD (North Carolina)


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    Originally posted by norcaltodd
    Gibbmusic posted a very interesting perk package. You have me interested

    I have been a CA. cop of about 16 years working in small rural towns. It is too expensive to stay here. Housing costs have gone up 300% in my town during the last five years and my net pay has gone down.

    what is law enforcement like in a NC town. I can't believe that you get one week off a month. How does that work?
    I'm not sure what you mean about "what is law enforcement like in a NC town", but I'm guessing since you worked in CA you'd be quite surprised. I've never even been to CA but I've heard some stories about how much of the state is so liberal that the cops have their hands tied. Some parts on NC does have some pretty liberal policies (Charlotte-Meck PD comes to mind), but overall we're pretty much left alone by the politicians. We are allowed to chase for any felony, about 95% of our DWI's are convicted, and rarely do you lose a case on a weak technicality. My city is right in the middle between too-busy Charlotte and too-slow Kannapolis. We tend to stay fairly busy until the wee hours of the morning, and then you can still stir something up if you want to.

    As far as the schedule goes, it's kind of hard to follow until you get used to it, but here's how it goes: We work 12.2 hour shifts, 14 out of every 28 days (171 hours a month). All the districts except mine works like this: Week 1- Work Mon-Thur. night shifts. Week 2 (Hell week)- Work Mon-Wed day shifts, then work Fri.-Sun. night shifts. Week 3- Work Thur.-Sun. day shifts. Week 4- OFF!

    Lot's of guys fill that off week with off-duty because as you well know we have to eat!

    Okay, just how big were those two beers sir?


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