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Polygraph Results, how long?


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  • Polygraph Results, how long?

    How long did it take for you to receive your poly results? My examiner said he was going to give the results to the department that same day but it's been a week and no notice.

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    After mine, I asked how I did, and he replied "you should know the result more then anybody else"

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      Did the examiner mention any problems during the test? The results will be given to the department along with the examiners interpretations and it will go from there. From my experience, I doubt that you will receive a letter stating whether you passed or failed. If you receive a letter stating that you were not selected to continue on in the process it may mean there was a problem with the polygraph results.
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        Just like the above stated.

        My poly guy said he saw/had no problems with mine at all and was forwarding the info up the ladder. I heard nothing until I received a call asking if I wanted to join the force. That was about 6-7 weeks after the poly. Academy statrts in Jan.

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          When I applied with the Highway Patrol I asked the polygrapher how I did and he said " you know. " That was it. So I left thinking I might not have passed though I told the truth. Waited 2 months til I heard back that they were starting my background so I realized I must have passed. When I applied with a city department he told me right after I took the polygraph I passed. I dont why some polygraphers tell you and some dont. The waiting period in the hiring process can be stressful. You get passed one obstacle and wait for your phone to ring or a letter to let you know where you stand in the process. We all know the feeling, just hang in there!
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            That means you are a liar.

            Haha, kidding.
            I was told immediately after I was done that I passed my poly. He said that the only reaction I had was when I got a chilly twitch ! Other than that, he said I was good. But then I didnt get picked for the academy anyways

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            Written - Passed
            Physical test - Passed
            Background Investigation - Finished
            Oral Board - Passed
            Polygraph - Passed
            Chief's Decision - Pending
            Medical Exam - Pending Chief's Decision
            Psycological Exam - Pending Chief's Decision


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              I will get a 'verbal' from the polygrapher within a couple of hours after a prospect takes the exam. The written report usually arrives within 3 days. However, you will never hear from us the results. If I decide not to hire you (whatever the reason), all you'll get is the generic 'thanks but no thanks' letter.


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                Results in...

                Thanks for your replies. I got the letter and said the usual thanks but no thanks bull****. Moving on to other departments.


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                  I got my results immediatly.
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                    I have taken one in PA and never really heard back from them. I also took one in Texas and the examiner told me I passed immediately. Hope that helps.


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