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  • Questions about Austin Texas Area

    I originally posted this in another forum, buy it will probly get better response here......
    I am a full time police officer in Illinois and have been considering a move to Texas. I have always loved Texas and hate the cold winters here in Illinois. I was wondering what people knew about the Austin Police Department or other area departments. I looked into the pay scales and Austin pays very well. I have heard a few things about the city being very liberal, but that's starting to happen everywhere. We've had a no pursuit policy for about five years now at my current department. Also does anyone happen to know if the Illinois PTI academy is accepted by TCLEOSE. They want $150 to tell me, that seems like a waste to me, but I'd send it if I knew they were going to approve it.
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    I too am in the process of challenging the TCLEOSE exam. Im a certified officer in Louisiana and attempting to move to the austin area. Tx. accepts out of state certified officers, and only requires that you pay 150.00 to take their state TCLEOSE exam. I chose to apply with round rock pd, instead of austin pd due to their extreme liberal views and policies. let me know if you need any help or guidance with this move.


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      Let me know how that goes. I am not 100% about making the move. I have a good job here and all of my family is here. I also have full custody of my 11 year old daughter and it would be a big move for her. My fiance is all for it. It's a big move though. Let me know if you encounter any problems along the way. I've heard that Austin is very liberal and I have also looked at round rock. However Round Rocks pay scale is way lower than Austin, atleast from what I have seen.
      If life gives you lemons....Go find someone who life gave vodka. {Ron White}


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        I'm no expert on Texas LE agencies but I know Austin PD is always get thrown under the bus for their ultra-liberal, knee jerk, politically correct response to everything. Just based on what I read on here, I would NEVER work there.

        I have relatives in Austin and usually go back that way about 10 days per year. The traffic is HORRENDOUS and just might be worse than every place in SoCal except LA. It's the most liberal voting, UN-texas city in Texas.
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          Re: Austin agencies

          You don't want to work at APD. The chief doesn't even back his own officers and is constantly getting dogged by the media, community, and police associations.
          I suggest looking into
          Round Rock (currently hiring)
          Pflugerville (accepting applications, hiring in March)
          Georgetown (currently hiring)
          Cedar Park (unknown)

          All of these agencies are in the Austin area. As far as TCLEOSE goes, most states have an accredited POST transferable license. Usually most agencies will pay the testing fee for you if you are hired.

          Good luck.


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