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    Originally posted by Gil
    Great informative posts..I have worked campus security at a small college, but it was unarmed and no arrest powers. Had a LOT of domestic and alcohol related incidents, and even two deaths on campus during my time there. Great way to get started. I may go ahead and apply to the Univ of Md.. Main campus police.

    If you ever have any questions about UMPD make a post on the Maryland section here and I'll get back to you.


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      Thanks a lot,JDougal.I sincerely appreciate it, and will post there.

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        PHP Code:
        all SUNY college police are regular armed police... its a ny state thingdoes not apply for private colleges... the test i took is for upstate university police, (sunystate of ny.. you work as a police officer for the state of NYnot a ny state trooper... that is my end goal though is to be a ny state trooper.. so its best to work tward state retirement right off the bat.... also thinking about applying for fam.... as soon as i am done with my BS in CI.. 
        Try SUNY Genesso. SUNY Cortland only got armed in 2004 but have been Police since late 90's
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          My brother's been a university police officer for 11 years. It's a ride-along with him that served as the catalyst for my involvement in the profession.

          Here in WI, the only universities that have full-fledged police are those which are part of the University of WI system -- and not all of them have a PD.

          According to numerous conversations I've had with my brother on the topic, here is what I see as the positives and negatives of being a campus cop:

          1. The pay
          When my brother started, being a university cop paid better than most of the other police agencies in the state. In the years since, other agencies starting catching up, but it's still a decent wage.

          2. The benefits
          Since they are state employees, they get state bennies. That's the equivalent of about a 25% increase in pay.

          3. Backup's readily available
          They may only have a couple of university cops on duty at some times, but the school is surrounded by city cops that are usually pretty close.

          4. Training
          With a good 3 months of down time over the summer, it's not hard to schedule special training.

          1. The politics
          In our state, university PDs serve at the whim of the individual schools' adminstrations. That means the kind of department you have is largely controlled by the chancellor. A good chief helps, but can't always compensate for an anti-police administrator. Plus, universities have a vested interest appearing nice and safe for all the little co-eds. You would think that would mean that they would want to have a solid police presence, and some do. But in many cases it means that the administration can interefere in police work, and even negate arrests and activity because they don't want it to appear that there's much criminal activity on campus. Luckily, my brother's chancellor is supportive and doesn't fall into this camp.

          2. Lack of variety
          Though my brother's school may have as many as 25,000 people there during the day, the vast majority of activity falls into the 'teen hi-jinks' category -- vandalism, drunks, disorderly conduct, etc. Yes there are domestics, burglaries and more serious things that occur, but not at the same proportion as in a city of the same size. I think a previous poster hit on something there -- Most of the students in college are generally decent and don't stray too far from the line.

          3. Lack of respect
          This is not the case at my brother's PD, but some 'regular' cops look at university officers as inferior. Here in WI, the campus cops all must meet the same minimum training standards as any other cops, so it's probably less of an issue here.

          4. Jurisdictional issues
          My brother's department only has jurisdiction off campus if they receive the OK for mutual aid by the city or county. Not usually a problem, but it has arisen. In contrast, the university department I work closely with has all of its officer deputized by the sheriff (just like I am, even though I'm a municipal officer) so they have county-wide jurisdiction. The latter is the exception, rather than the norm in our state.

          I hope this helps you in your decision-making process.
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            In Georgia, at most Colleges, you are a state certified police officer. Some colleges just have security officers. If other officers look at you as less than them, then they have the problem. I worked 10 1/2 years at a state college. Sometimes it was good, and then there were the bad times too. I had great benefits - like teachers retirement (it's supposed to be the best in the state), you reach full investment in ten years. I came across other officers who viewed me as a police officer and others who saw me as security guard. Sometimes, I took it as them just being jealous. As a college officer, I received the same and better training than other officers. On college campuses, you have more one on one contact. If you like the community policing thing, then the college campus is where you want to be. I left the college, but sometimes I wished that I was still there. I left the college,for what I thought would be a better job (it turned out not so good). That old saying that you can't go back home is true, it's never the same as before. I am now working for the best department that I have ever worked for. I wish you the best in your search.


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              Wanted to tell everyone thanks for the info on this. I will still check back for more posts, very informative. Hoped it has helped others as well. As for me I applied to a university near Charlotte, and Im in the background phase. Also Ive applied with other agencies, so I may have a few options here. I also talked to a few officers at UNCC and I was told it is a city in a city which definitely seems true. I can say that they are not "doot rattlers" or security but a professional police force. Thanks again.


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                One of the things that I like about the University Police system in Louisiana is that we are commissioned through the La. Dept of Public Safety so we are a State LEO.

                If a felony crime happens on campus, and the suspect goes anywhere in the State I can get my warrant, go find him, make an arrest, and book him into jail without having to use the local cops for the arrest. Of course its highly advisable to have local LEO with you if that is done.

                I've never heard of this being done, but it's nice to know the authority is there if it's needed. Most of the time the warrant is just sent to the local Agency where the bad guy is, and they pick him up on our warrant.

                On regular traffic and warrantless issues the jurisdiction is pretty much on campus and the streets surrounding the campus. After that it pretty much becomes a local PD issue.

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                  After graduating college in May of 1997, I began looking for a job in law enforcement and took a position at FDU Madison (NJ) as a Public Safety Officer. At the time, FDU operated (2) NJ campuses (Teaneck/Hackensack and Florham/Madison) with commissioned University Police Officers and Public Safety Officers on both campuses. While both the police and public safety officers performed many of the same tasks on a daily basis, the police officers possessed powers of arrest, both on duty/off duty, on campus/off campus [Note: in NJ, commissioned officers (i.e. local, university, deputies, etc.) only have powers of arrest outside their jurisdiction for Indictable offenses (i.e. felonies)]. Anyway, in 1998 the Chief of the department sent me to the police academy, where I spent 22 weeks, graduated PTC certified and was commissioned by the University as a University Police Officer.

                  Like others have posted, being a University Police Officer was tough at times because of the "politics". When I started at FDU, our police officers were locking-up people (mostly students) left and right and not just for minor offenses. After a while, the "powers that be" within the University pressured the Chief to "pull the reigns", to which he responded by retiring. His replacement was a Public Safety Officer, who was not fond of the police. When I graduated, I was told by the new "Public Safety Director" not to arrest anyone without first contacting her. Well, my response to this was to call the local PD when an arrest needed to be made. When they got there, I'd give them a brief summary of the events and tell them to do whatever they felt was right. This usually led to an arrest- they didn't like my boss either.

                  Anyway, by 2002 I'd had enough of the nonsense and took a job with the Chester Twp. police (NJ) and couldn't be happier. Looking back, I have no regrets of my time spent as a University Police Officer and would do it all over again.

                  In short, to me a cop is a cop, no matter what type or where they are from, so go for it and see how you like it. If it


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