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    How do law enforcement officers feel about campus police? Do you respect them the same as city police? I was looking at UNC Charlotte. They seem like a good department, full sworn police authority like any other agency. Are they respected the same as city police? Any advie or info on this department or college police in general is appreicaited.

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    I will answer your question as best I can. It really depends on the college. UNCC is a good department. I know 2 officers that graduated BLET with me and currently work there. I keep in contact with one of them regulary. He says he likes it, but is looking for something more. Realize you are dealing with mainly 18-24 year olds, most are preoccupied with going to college. You will be hard pressed to run into major confrontations. From what Im told he rides around campus, stops traffic violators ( seat belts, stop signs, DWI ) responds to students locked out of cars or rooms, missing property, etc. They also work closely with the Charlotte Police and have jurisdiction off campus. Pay is good IMO, about 30,000. I respect them as a police professional police agency. Basically they are a city within a city. I can only speak of UNCC. Charlotte has many smaller colleges around but I dont know much about them. Go to their website, there is some additional info. I can check if they are hiring.
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      Police work is police work is police work. Go for it an make no excuses, it is as honorable as any other department.


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        This is sort of a Crystal ball question, I personally know of College Departments, that are known for being Kick-a** Departments. But I know of a lot of departments that are basically Security with the power of arrest. Most Colleges want their Police to be paper tigers.

        I started at a College Public Safety Department, The College objected to the word Police, and demanded a softer term for the department when they switched from security. The Chief had a standing order that he be contacted prior to any officer placing someone under arrest, and transporting them to Jail. I found that I could take them to the Office in Custody, and that did not cause a problem, I used to take people to Jail all the time without permission, but the dispatchers routinely refused to make the call that I had done so, I would call the Chief, and as long as I gave a solid reason (Usually to do with Officer Safety) he would not have a problem. Once we had a female resident student that graduated from high school early and came to Mom & Dads Alma Mater, she was fifteen, she ended up, having relations with five male partners and one reptile. After she returned to the Dorm she and her roommate reported this as a non-consensual situation. Contact was made with the five males, they were interviewed and placed into custody, as the reptile was already in custody, arrangements were made to see that he was fed. The Males were charged with Statutory Rape pending an upgrade. I spent a rotten 18 hours doing interviews and delving into the inner fantasies of the inner city youth. Next day, Chief wanted me to work, just cause I got no sleep and really needed some mental floss to get me some distance from some seriously disturbing interviews and interrogations, got to work, By the way no overtime, we were on Comp-time. Anyhow I am out looking for somebody up in Gownland (Faculty Offices), and this Vice-President Phd. Head of the psychology department, corners me, literally pushes me against the door, popping me in the Chest with his index finger, I did not feel threatened the man was in his 60's at least a foot shorter than me, and used a cane to walk, This man was fabulously upset that we had arrested these boys, He told me that "This is an educational institution, we are here to educate, and if one of our students commits a crime, they should be taken to the side and told how what they did was wrong and then they should be sent on their way!". I was stunned, I asked him if that included murder, and he told me that it "included any crime". This is the general attitude of the average higher educator.

        You have the town vs. gown problems, this is friction from the different culture of the college vs culture of the town.

        On my campus the department was the red headed step-child. We got all old junk, getting anything new was a real headache, they always wanted us to Justify everything all the way down the line.

        They were the most politically correct department I was ever at, they were always concerned about how everything looked, not how it was. one time I made a traffic stop the occupants of the vehicle got very mouthy, we wrote them up, sent it to student affairs, the chief read the report, and hit the roof, he had my partner and I written up for a reprimand, under the concept that we had caused the boys to be upset, right in the middle of our chewing the Vice president of Student affairs calls him and commends my handling of the incident, and advised that he was going to make a real example of the students and have them expelled. Chief really had to backpeddle, it kind of ended with a well you two dodged a bullet here, don't let it happen again.

        One of the nice things was that everyone would leave for a while, it is the only jurisdiction that your entire population leaves, it was a nice time to catch up your reports, and set everything right.

        It is a good break-in job, you learn some very good communication skills, that will set you up for later.

        No College cops are not usually as aggressive municipal cops, but you will get some wild calls.
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          How is ASU campus police? Anyone work there?
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            I served 20 yrs as a City PO, retiring as a Sgt., and now I work as a University Police Officer as a second career.. What's been said is pretty much accurate. it all depends on the politics, and how good of a Chief you have. At the Agency I work at the Chief is great, and works hard to get us the newest and the best equipment. You do deal with the liberal views of the faculty at times, but we work for the Chancellor--who loves the Police.

            University Police Departments are a great place to start, or end your law enforcement career. It's getting more difficult to get hired at University Depts. if your new to LE because most of them in this state want the applicant already POST certified before hire.

            Most Officers I know working as Campus Cops are retired cops, however we have several younger Officers at my Agency. You wont get the same balls to the walls action as City policing, but you will stay busy if you have campus housing. You will routinely run into domestics, drugs, alcohol abuse, and fights. So it keeps you on your toes.

            I really like it here, it feels good dealing with college kids instead of dedicated scum bags. Most students and staff are alright, and do what you tell them to. If I have to make an arrest, the powers that be have no problem with it.

            The City cops, where I retired from, love us because we back them up on calls if need be.

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              I've worked with OSU campus police during the football game season. I didn't have a problem with any of them, they seemed to be quite helpful and professional.


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                University of Central Florida PD has more/better resources, jurisdiction, man power, and equipment then many of the PD's in central florida. I'd say they are certainly respected as much if not more then many of the PD's. Everyone cracks jokes about "campus police," but realize that they are the only dept. who's constituents never grow up. They have plenty of domestics, DUI's, and narcotics to go around too.
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                  It can't hurt to apply, right?

                  I know a lot of guys (and gals) who have worked campus police as full time or reserve while in school. It's also great job experience.
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                    Most are good, respected agencies. The biggest perk, IMO, is that most offer free education incentives. That right there, would be enough to make me put off a city job for a few years. Good luck!


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                      Originally posted by Wisconsin Migra
                      Police work is police work is police work. Go for it an make no excuses, it is as honorable as any other department.
                      In fact, I would think working on a campus would be harder in some ways. The age group can be notoriously hard to police. A bunch of know-it-all 18 to 24 year old testosterone-filled mullies.
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                        i just took the civil service test for upstate NY university police officer.. on dec 3. Guess I will see how the results turn out, couldent really apply to- to many other departments becouse alot of the local ones (county sh. local PDs..) require some kind of local residency, plus i have one more simester left to complete my BS in Criminal Investigations.... A 600 hour, 12 credit internship! YAY!


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                          Derrick- in reference to University Police in NY NOT ALL carry guns. Its up to the President of the University, to decide. Sucks but thats the deal.
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                            Great informative posts..I have worked campus security at a small college, but it was unarmed and no arrest powers. Had a LOT of domestic and alcohol related incidents, and even two deaths on campus during my time there. Great way to get started. I may go ahead and apply to the Univ of Md.. Main campus police.
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                              nope, all SUNY college police are regular armed police... its a ny state thing, does not apply for private colleges... the test i took is for upstate university police, (suny) state of ny.. you work as a police officer for the state of NY, not a ny state trooper... that is my end goal though is to be a ny state trooper.. so its best to work tward state retirement right off the bat.... also thinking about applying for fam.... as soon as i am done with my BS in CI..


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