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2 towns at once?


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  • 2 towns at once?

    Hi. I have an oral board next week (I already passed the written exam and fitness test). 15 People passed the fitness test - I was the only female to pass. Here's my question: The town that I applied for is conducting the oral board, but another small town is also participating. I am assuming it is to save money, but I am not really sure. Has anyone ever heard of this or have any advice on how to best prepare for a dual town interview? I would really prefer one town over the other, but I guess I have to learn about each one and hope for the best. The towns are right next to each other but are not at all connected in terms of funding/government. They are both small (one has 6 officers and the other has 8, I believe). Thank you.

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    It's not unusual for small agencies to band together on testing in order to save time and money. All participating agencies then draw from the same list for new hires.

    I really don't see a problem with this type of setup however, you need to find out what the rules are on waiving a job offer. In my agency you can waive a job offer twice. Do it a third time and you are taken off the list. If both agencies are drawing from the same list and you don't want to work for the other town, you need to find out how many waivers you get from each agency before you are removed from the list.
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      Alot of towns here in PA do that as well. They have consortiums, where 3 or more towns will get together and give one test. In the application process you have a choice to mark which one, or one's you are willing to work for.
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