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U.S. Marshals?


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  • U.S. Marshals?

    Im still in college right now but i used to be a cop in Long Beach MS. How important is a bachelors degree compared to experience? Ive got under two years on the street but I am qualed in hostage rescue and a basic counter sniper qual. Spent 6 months in Iraq and have done instructing in CQB as a cop and in the military.
    Ill have 42 credits completed this semester before moving to california(wife is Navy)
    How interesting is the job?(I dont want to ride a desk the whole time)how long do you spend in one place? How hard is it to get in?
    I spent time on SWAT and Ive got SECRET security clearence from the "gub-ment".
    any help would be great.
    (also, i dont want to fly on a plane the whole time)
    Remember that our job is hearts and minds...two in the heart, one in the mind!

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    They have not had open hiring for years. The only people allowed to test have been active or recently sep military.

    Unless you go in as an 1811 you get to guard prisoners and courts for the first few years then may have a chance to do some warrants, etc.
    "there is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never really care for anything else thereafter." Ernest Hemingway


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      If you are in college see if your college is in partnership (Cooperative Education Program) with the Marshals Service through an accredited College or University; You apply like everybody applying for the job, if you get it you do a internship with them while you are in college. I would call your local Recruiting Officer heres som # for your area and Cali. Goodluck

      David Baldwin
      (301) 344-8066, (301) 344-8415 fax
      Baltimore, MD 21201

      District of Columbia - District Court
      Terry Adams
      (202) 353-0694, (202) 353-0725 fax
      Washington, DC 20001 (District Court)

      District of Columbia - Superior Court
      Todd B. Singleton (202) 616-1390
      Sherry Jeanmarie (202) 616-2209
      Jose Delgado (202) 616 2394
      Michael Tenuta (202) 616-8500
      (202) 616-8666 fax
      Washington, DC 20001 (Superior Court)

      Northern California
      Jason Ferrell, Jason Garcia
      (415) 436-7648, (415) 436-7617, (415) 436-7622 fax
      San Francisco, CA 94102

      Eastern California
      Mike Smith
      (916) 498-5893, (916) 498-5650 fax
      Sacramento, CA 95814

      Central California
      Mike Peerson, Brian Campagna
      (213) 894-7931, (213) 894-2859 fax
      Los Angeles, CA 90012

      Southern California
      Tania Archer and Lamont Ruffin
      (619) 557-6060 ext 4, (619) 557-5215 fax
      San Diego, CA 92101-8930


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        Than you for the info. I will have to look into that when i get to cali. Does anyone know any marshals? Do they enjoy it?
        Remember that our job is hearts and minds...two in the heart, one in the mind!


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