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    Ok heres my story. 01-15-02 our sales tax failed which resulted in a 20% reduction in our budget (which meant I get laid off for 6 months ), I knew someone from our dept. that had previously left and went to FAIRFAX CO. P.D. and he said they were hiring like crazy so from Jan to May I went through the process, jumped through all the usual hoops, basically all that was left was for my B.I. to come here and talk to some people and "by june I would be in". Well in May the sales tax went to the voters and once they saw the pawns (me and every other laid off deputy) the sales tax passes. So I send my letter in saying thanks but no thanks (biggest mistake I made). But I would really like to talk to some of you guys there in the dept. I really had a great time going through the process and the officer I did my ride along with was a really good guy (mason district). Being from ohio (union state) I would like some feedback from you guys in respect to working in a RIGHT TO WORK state, which was my main reason for taking myself out of the process. 3 years later and working in the civil division I now see that was a stupid decision on my part. The tax is good for 8 years and now, once again, "there isn't any money".


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    Fairfax County PD is a good choice, trained with one of their SWAT guys and did my ride-along with Fair Oaks. Great Department.


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      It is a somewhat different environment in Virginia than in Ohio. I was born and raised in Ohio, after graduating from Ohio State, I left the Construction Union to come and take a job as a police officer.

      The one thing about Virginia that is nice is there is not all that civil service garbage that I fought through to try and get a job. Down side there is no Unions to help protect the officers.

      Fairfax is one heck of a department and they treat the officers very well. It is a large agency and they stay busy up near DC.

      I would give anything to be an Officer in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and someday I might since my family is still in Ohio. But I enjoy what I do, even though the pay compared to Ohio sucks, and the housing in Virginia is on the rise at an unbelievable rate. I do like the weather better in viriginia.

      If you can work in Ohio I would recommend it, but if you would like to give Virginia a try, go for it. With you being certified in Ohio you should be able to lateral in. I know many officers from the Cleveland that are working in Richmond.


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        I too took the test and went throught the process, not once BUT twice. I turned them down the last time about a year ago. I was totally fed up with my at the time current place and had a strong desitre to get the F out of PA. BUt alas I said Sorry but I gotta turn you down, again but obviously for the last time. BUT I got hired in a place outside of my last city and am adjusting to the new uh lack of calls No problems going from 10-15 calls MYSELF a NIGHT to maybe 10 calls a WEEK. MYSELF...
        More money [Eventually] and less, LESS WORK... *E takes a deeeeep breath and sips from his VODKA and Cranberry***

        P.S- I hear Fairfax is a great department to work for. {TONI TK any help here} Good pay BUT the cost of living is nauseating.
        I got nothing for now


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