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    I have a few things in my medical past that I wanted to know if it would affect me or not with employment with NYPD. I'm 20 years old and will be turning 21 in a couple of months. When I was in elementary school (I think around age 10) I had asthma, I've only had one problem with it since then and it was 3 years ago. No other problems. I had knee surgery last december (have no more problems with that). And I was diagnosed with tachycardia (fast heart rate) about 10 months ago, was given some medicine and now I'm fine...and I'm off the prescription. One last thing, I was diagnosed with Depression in my mid-teens, (it was basically my pediatrician going overboard on all the emotional imbalances you have as a teenager) I was put on Zoloft and counseling for about 1 month. That was years ago, haven't had any more problems. I never did feel homicidal or suicidal, just overwelmed by all of the changes. Will so many problems cause any type of discrepency? Thanks.
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    Pretty much all that you just listed will be a problem, but they will make you bring the required documents for you knee problems, for your heart, they will have their Cardiologist look at you to determine if you are ok or not. And they pyschologist will determine your stability, if you devulge the info you did here. Good luck.
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