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Moving to Washington DC area...need a job!! HELP


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  • Moving to Washington DC area...need a job!! HELP

    I am moving down to the DC area, actually Andrews Air Force Base. I am a law enforcement career minded person, Ive been through a police academy and have an associates in CJ from Michigan. I am wondering if any of you guys have any advise on finding a job down there in the DC, Virginia, Maryland areas? Would it be wise to try to get on a reserve unit until I find a full time sworn position? If so, do you guys know of any reserve units that do patrol duties? And last but not least....WHAT DEPARTMENTS ARE HIRING????
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    Any area around DC is expensive, so shop around. The further south in Va you go, the cheaper. The further North you go in MD, the better. I cannot comment about any MD departments, but for the Va. departments in northern virginia/DC, Try:

    Fairfax county police-good pay and a lot of toys
    Prince William county police-good pay and retirement
    Wahington metro airport police-Really, a good department! lots of perks
    Arlington PD
    Va state police
    Alexandria PD
    US Secret service uniform
    FBI Uniform
    Pentagon Police

    Let your fingers do the walking, google search each department, I beleive you will find that all of the above departments are hiring! Thatss only a small list of agencies, there are a lot. Average starting salary in that area is 45,000 or so...give or take a few. Remember, look for a good place to live that is reasonalbe.

    good luck
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      Prince George's County is also hiring a lot of recruits as is DC Metropolitan Police. I am in process for both along with Fairfax County and Montgomery County. I know there are a lot of people that can provide insight, including myself, of the processes for these departments.


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